Nose Tip + Lip Lift

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Should I get a lip lift and would it affect my nose tip? (Photo)

See how my teeth don't even really show when I smile? I have veneers and you dont even get to see them. I do have a bit of a long nose tip (Kim K pre... READ MORE

I had a lip lift surgery 16 days ago. There is a cut on the right anterior nasal, and a hole below the nose tip. (photo)

I had a lip lift with Philip Solomon in Toronto. I'm now out of town, so I can't visit the same doctor. Besides the reddish scars, will the cut and... READ MORE

Would a lip lift make me look prettier? (Photos)

Would a lip lift and rhinoplasty improve my look? Aging has made my Philtrum longer it's 19mm and my nose tip has thickened out. READ MORE

Can I have a lip lift 6 months after rhinoplasty with tip work?

I had a rhinoplasty/septoplasty with tip work and alar rim grafts. I want to schedule a lip lift when I am 6 months out from my rhinoplasty. Is that OK? READ MORE

Is it possible to lift upper lip slightly while lifting polly beak tip? (Photos)

Hello, I have sort of a polly beak happening with the tip of my nose. I have never had a rhinoplasty but i've always wanted to get just the cartilage... READ MORE

Suitable for lip lift without bringing down nose tip? Possible to hide scar? (photo)

Am I a suitable candidate for a lip lift? My worries are that it'll bring down the tip of my nose bcoz when I use a cotton tip to press down under my... READ MORE

Is it scar tissue causing the tip of my nose to be pulled down 6 weeks post lip lift? (photo)

Hi doctors! I am 6 weeks post subnasal lip lift and I had 8 mm removed. My incision has now turned white and it is slightly raised, as well as very... READ MORE

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