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Is There a Way to Shorten the Area Between the Nose Base and Upper Lip?

Help!  I always notice that having a short distance from the base of the nose to the upper lip is a definitive youthful look (especially in... READ MORE

Best Lip Lift Procedure to Reduce Area from Nose to Lip?

My biggest expectation in getting a lip lift is to greatly reduce the area between the base of my nose and upper lip (while avoiding uneven nostril... READ MORE

I Have a Long Philtrum. Would a Lip Lift Help?

Hi, I've always had very thin lips and a pronounced space between my nose and lips. I was wondering if a bullhorn lip lift would help or if it... READ MORE

Can a Lip Lift Be Performed with Rhinoplasty?

Is it possible to have a Lip Lift done at the same time as a Rhinoplasty? It seems logical, if the incision will be made in the area anyways. If, so... READ MORE

What Sub-nasal Lip Lift Gives the Best Results?

Which lip lift gives best results, the one where they cut under the nose and take out some skin, or the one where they use nylon threads with the... READ MORE

Lip Lift to Shorten Distance Between Top Lip and Nose?

Would I be a good canditate for a Lip Lift? I would like to shorten the distance between my top lip and nose and change the shape of my top lip so it... READ MORE

Please Read Lip Lift Ruined my Nose? (photo)

I went for a lip lift 7 days ago and have had my sutures out and I am not prepared how it made me nose look different. Either he removed too much skin... READ MORE

Will a Lip Lift Decrease the Space Between Nose and Upper Lip?

I have a full upper lip and only wish to decrease distance between my nose and upper lip. Is a lip lift right for me as I don't want my upper lip... READ MORE

Thicker Nose and Nostrils After Lip Lift

Is it possible to have a steroid injection into the nostrils after a lip lift to reduce swelling and bring the nostrils back down to normal? READ MORE

I dislike the distance between my nose and upper lip. Would you recommend a lip lift to me? (photo)

I am considering this procedure....but I'm still not times I hate the distance between my nose and upper lip....but at times it looks ok.... READ MORE

Does Lip Lift Help You Have a Particular Shape to the Upper Lip?

I'm form Switzerland so I alredy apologize if my English isnt't very correct. I'd like to have some info about the lip lifting because... READ MORE

The space in between my nose and my top lip is too long. Any suggestions?

I really hate how far my nose is from my mouth. It looks ugly and I don't like it im under 18 so not much I can do. This giant ugly place makes me cry... READ MORE

Can my nasal base be fixed back to it's original position after lip lift??

I had a lip lift 6 months ago, skin removed only, but my nasal base was so pulled down, now my nose was elongated, even tho the space between my upper... READ MORE

Does lip lift help with correcting the angle between upper lip and nose? Will it enhance the look of a short nose? (photo)

I had a terrible rhino done before which resulted in a short nose, weak and collapsed columnella and breathing problems, etc... I had to do a revision... READ MORE

I want a lip lift, but do not want more teeth to show and I do not want my lips to be more pronounced. Is this possible?

I simply want the lift to elevate my whole lip by 5mm. The distance between my nose and lips is 20mm. I want it to be at least 15mm. Is that possible? READ MORE

I want so much to have a lip lift but am afraid of what my dr. said. Any suggestions? (photos)

My Dr. is afraid if I get a lip lift that there is a 10% chance my nose may get wider and the center could be pulled down And, I will have a scar.... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the distance between the mouth & nose without lifting the upper lip too much?

I have a long distance between my nose and top lip & have been considering rhinoplasty to feminize my face, but I fear that the distance between my... READ MORE

My upper teeth do not show when I talk or smile. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am a 21 year old girl who has always hated my nose and smile. My teeth are normal sized, if not large, so I don't understand why they do not show.... READ MORE

Asking about lip lifting and distance required between nose and upper lip

I'm wearing braces and the distance between my upper lip and nose is short maybe 1.2 cm now but i know that if i take off the braces the distance will... READ MORE

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