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Lip Lift - Swelling After the Procedure or Too Much Skin Was Removed?

I had a bullhorn lip lift procedure almost 11 weeks ago. The upper lip is still too short for me to loosely close my mouth, its middle part is... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Lift the Lip From the Outer Nostrils?

I have lot of fillers in my upper lip. Getting a revision rhinoplasty and minor lip lift at the same time. Pouty upper lip because of the fillers. So... READ MORE

Lip lift revision - sutures opened up after day 3 and 4 - now have holes on each side of nose. Post op day 10? (Photos)

In my first lip lift the doctor used external sutures-scar healed beautifully at first but I had some tension scarring that occurred later Ironically... READ MORE

Lip lift incisions not closing up after two weeks? (photo)

My lip lift incitions don't appear to be closing up. It looks like I have a an open ditch running down the sides of my nostrils. Is this normal? I'm... READ MORE

Lip lift 2/14; steristrips vs glue? Is this normal or should I be concerned? (photo)

I have three main concerns. 1)anchoring stitches on each side, strips are no longer holding the threads.Should I get new strips and tape it back down?... READ MORE

Are the lips and nostrils supposed to look hooked after the procedure? (Photo)

I just did a liplift, I am still swollen and it looks like my nostrils and my lip are hooked. Is it normal? Is it going to stay that way? READ MORE

Is it normal to have a pig nose after a lip lift?

I had a lip lift two days ago, and I realize its much too early to see what the final results will look like, but I'd like to know if its normal for... READ MORE

Removing Permalip implants, will my lips return to normal? (Photos)

I have silicone permalip implants put in three years ago.. It looked pretty god for about a year and now my lip is thicker , wider and longer which... READ MORE

Could I be a good candidate for a lip lift and fat transfer (to my lips)? (Photos)

I hate how thin they are and I really think there might be something wrong with them or my jaw? When my teeth are closed, my bottom jaw is being... READ MORE

Will a lip lift bring up my top lip? (Photos)

I've been looking at lip lift before and after and I notice the top lift being big the first 1 month but is completely back to normal at month 3. The... READ MORE

Recovery after bullhorn 5 weeks ago - scar tension.

I had my bullhorn surgery on july 31st , it is already 5 weeks after surgery. I feel tension in my scar , when i smile it looks creepy unnatural. And... READ MORE

Why is my nose running 3 months after lip lift?

I had a lip lift three months ago and the day after surgery I started dripping clear watery type fluid out of my nose from both nostrils. It seems to... READ MORE

I had a lip lift. Is this normal, and how can I correct this? (Photo)

In 2011 i had a bullhorn lip lift which i regret because due to a shorter upper lip my revision rhino doctor had limitations on how much my tip could... READ MORE

Lip Lift Stiffness. Is this normal after seven weeks?

It has been seven weeks since my lip lift. The scar along my nose is healing very nice and can barely be seen. But I still cannot smile. Is this... READ MORE

How common is nostril distortion after a lip lift?

I want to have a liplift but have heard that nostril distortion is a risk. Is this true? If so, how common is it? What can be done to avoid this?... READ MORE

How long it will take to look normal again? How much swelling for the lip should I expect and for how long?

After the lip lift .Would the surgery afect the way i talk or smile .and finally where can i do it in dubai . UAE and for how much ? READ MORE

Looking for a surgeon for skin graft after a disastrous lip lift.

After a disastrous lip lift that left me with only 6 mm philtrum (6mm on the center and the original 15mm on the sides) I'm looking for a revision.... READ MORE

How can I correct my asymmetrical smile? (photo)

My smile and nasolabial folds are asymmetrical. I prefer the look of the left side in the picture as the fold looks more "normal." Is there a way to... READ MORE

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