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Do Lip Lifts Look Natural?

Do you believe that the subnasal or "bull's horn" lip lift produces a natural appearance? I understand that the amount of lift varies by... READ MORE

Most Natural Looking Lip Lift Possible? Modified Lip Lift?

If an incision was made under the collumela that tapered into the nose,NOT to extend under the nostrils, would that lift up the middle portion (cupids... READ MORE

Bull Horn Lip Lift Create Unnatural Smile?

I have read that if a bull horn lip lift is done with muscles being sutured or pulled, it makes for an unnatural looking smile. Is this true? READ MORE

Do bullhorn Lip Lifts last?

I've seen many pics of the effects of this type of lip lift and I like the result. How long does it last? Will the lip eventually return to its... READ MORE

Follow-up: Clarifying my original question "Lip lift when you have full lips but long space?" I do not have lip filler. (Photos

I didn't realize I needed to make it clear, I do NOT have lip fillers. I apparently just naturally have "dreaded duck lip" according to the doctor who... READ MORE

Lip lift corner treatment (Photo)

The corners of my mouth droop downward, when my face is smiling or resting . I look naturally sad and/or mad. I was wondering if Botox can cure this.... READ MORE

Should I do lip lift or lip reduction? (photos)

Hi, i have problems with my smile, it doesnt show upper teeth when i smile normally, i have to force it so it would visible but it doesn't make my... READ MORE

Filler made upper lip longer - can I get a natural result with a lip lift? 22 year old female.

The lip lift has been at the back of my mind but the fact its permanent and the possibility of leaving a noticeable scar made me think twice. I... READ MORE

Should I do lip lift or lip reduction? Any recommendations? (photo)

I have a problem with my smile. My upper lip covers my entire upper teeth when i smile naturally and if i open my mouth the upper teeth arent visible.... READ MORE

Looking for a surgeon for skin graft after a disastrous lip lift.

After a disastrous lip lift that left me with only 6 mm philtrum (6mm on the center and the original 15mm on the sides) I'm looking for a revision.... READ MORE

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