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Is it possible to make a mouth more narrow?

Hi! I have a very wide mouth that I feel detracts from my beauty and gives my face excess drama. I had jaw surgery which attributed to this look now... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a lip lift? (Photos)

My upper lip is quite narrow, and most of the fullness is in the middle which makes it overlap my bottom lip. This gives it a "turtle" appearance. I'd... READ MORE

My Son Has a Narrow Philtrum Therefore Cannot Close His Mouth. How Can His Philtrum Be Broadened? (photo)

My son 14 yrs old had buck teeth & a deep bite dental issue, which has been resolved through orthodontic treatment. But due to his narrow philtrum... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for lip lift surgery? I have always wanted a much fuller upper lip. (photos)

I have long, narrow, facial features so I am curious as to whether or not a lip lift is appropriate for me? I am 46 and have always desired full,... READ MORE

What makes a lip lift result in a liftedand fuller-appearing lip?

What technique is used in lip lifting that not only shortens the distance but rolls the upper lip outward to make it appear larger. I have seen... READ MORE

Weir Excision Combined with Upper Lip Lift. How Should I Time These Procedures?

I am considering an upper lip lift combined with a wier excesion to narrow the width of my nose. Is it a good idea to have these two procedures done... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Narrow the Philtrum?

Hi, I recently noticed that the two grooves from my nose to upper lip start close together, but go very far apart. Is there any surgical way to... READ MORE

Approach to reducing flair and "height" of nostrils, and nostril "show". Possible to combine with lip lift? (photos)

Closed Nose surgery done 25 years ago (hump/tip) . NOW, Looking to reduce Alar "height" (relative to lip height) and flair/angle (esp at alar "top"... READ MORE

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