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Removing Skin and Muscle for Upper Lip Lift, or Just Skin?

May i ask what is the difference between the method of only removing the skin and removal of both skin and muscle for upper lip lift ? Does removing... READ MORE

Many questions about Lip Lifts? Upper and corner? And should the muscle be touched or not? (photo)

I have naturally VERY thin lips, especially my upper lip. I had a Permalip 5mm implant placed in my upper lip. The ratio of my upper lip to my lower... READ MORE

Lip lift - muscle hemming vs skin? (Photo)

I can continue reading review after review, but I am no further along than when I started. I have read not to touch the muscle, it could cause... READ MORE

Effect of Bullhorn Lip Lift on Muscle Control?

I use the muscle right below my nose (orbicularis oris, I believe) to pull the flesh/cartilage part of my nose in and make it look narrower/more... READ MORE

Will a lip lift give me a normal toothy smile? (Photo)

For my whole life I have never been able to smile with my teeth. When I try, mostly the bottom teeth show. When I talk, only my lower lip moves and... READ MORE

Muscle Hemming, in regard to a lip lift? (Photo)

I have been doing research for years on getting a lip lift and after reading all the variations on this website, I'm even more confused. 1) Does... READ MORE

Lip Lifts - cutting muscle or skin only?

I have seen this question come up before, but I don't know how old it is. Currently, I hear that more doctors are cutting the muscle as well as the... READ MORE

Why do many doctors in the Q&A section write that it is not a good procedure to do muscle hemming lip lift?

The best results appear to be the muscle hemming lip lift.This is confusing. Reviews for muscle hemming lip lift (a few of the mist current reviews... READ MORE

Why are lip lifts not common and advised against?

My upper lip sits too low on my face and when I speak my upper teeth don't show because my upper lip covers them completely. I would love a lip lift... READ MORE

Does the Bullhorn lip lift affect the muscle?

Will a bullhorn lip lift cut into muscle? READ MORE

Can asymmetric smile be fixed by lip lift or other technique? (photos)

3.5 years ago, I had a brow/cheek lift that resulted in nerve & muscle damage. Left side of upper lip is numb and appears to have muscle atrophy,... READ MORE

Does the muscle hemming with the lip lift help reduce scarring or does it cause more scarring?

Trying to decide which Dr to go with for a lip lift and I am overwhelmed. Some mention a "modified" technique but it looks like a normal bullhorn. READ MORE

My smile is uneven? How do I make the corners of my lift turn up/make my smile bigger? (Photo)

I noticed that when I smile, the right side of my mouth turns up and there is a distinct "corner" to my lip if that makes sense. The left side however... READ MORE

Muscle Lip Lift Revision Question?

If during your liplift the doctor attached the muscle to the periosteum, can this be reversed permanently? Will scar tissue reform? I know of a woman... READ MORE

How to lift/correct corners of mouth, the drooping fat and muscle around mouth. Also sagging upper eyelids? (photos)

Age 31. The skin, fat and muscle have migrated down and are pulling the corners of my lips and changing their shape. They look much thinner and... READ MORE

How long after a muscle hemming lip lift (and full facelift) can you have a second lip lift?

My doctor performed a lip lift, in addition to a full facelift, three weeks ago involving attaching the muscle to the periosteum. There is still no... READ MORE

Is this possible for smile lift surgery?

While cutting and inserting depressor anguli oris muscle to different areas is possible, why wouldn't cutting zygomaticus major and inserting it to... READ MORE

Thoughts on creating smile lips with muscle surgery ? (photos)

Im interested to have my lip lifted with muscle reposition. Any thoughts on the Picture? Also when i myself tighten the muscle that goes from corner... READ MORE

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