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Will a Lip Lift Improve my Smile?

I think I understand the basic concept of the Lip lift but I'm not sure if it will solve my problem, which is that when I smile, you can't really see... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Lip Lift?

I've had a long philtrum since I can remember (I'm 31 now). My lips are also very thin & oddly shaped. The middle of my top lip comes down... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lip Lift or Veneers?

Very small part of my teeth show when I smile, and it looks quite ugly. READ MORE

The Right Side of my Mouth Sags Downward?

Would I be a good candidate for a corner of mouth lift? I give the appearance, though not intentionally, that I'm upset, confused or angry because of... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done to Set Back the Philtrum Where It Connects to my Nose?

It almost seems to form a point in the front and is very thick at the top where it attaches to my nose. It's not wide when looking directly at it, it... READ MORE

Is There Anything Diffrent the Needs to Be Done when Performing a Lip Lift on a Man?

I am a male and am considering a lip lift but I dont see too many pictures or males doing it. Is it a procedure that should not be done on males and... READ MORE

Question Regarding 'Lip Lift'? (photo)

I was wondering if I wan a good canidate for a lip lift, is this commonly done on males? Also I was wondering if I have short teeth and need veneers... READ MORE

Would a lip lift help my smile? (Photos)

As you can see in the pictures it takes a lot of effort to show my teeth when I smile which makes it look unnatural. I've been smiling with my mouth... READ MORE

Lip Lift skin hole: How can I seal with scar? (Photo)

What can I do to seal this scar? hole? its really bugging me READ MORE

Would I look good with a Lip Lift and corner lift of the mouth? (photo)

I'm 31 and wanting to improve my appearance in a permanent way. I'm looking to do this very soon. I am heavily considering a lip lift or possibly... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to lift (vertical lift) my upper lip to show more teeth while I smile? (photos)

I have a low upper lip. Not showing much teeth. Is there a procedure to lift (vertical lift) my upper lip so as to show more teeth while I smile. I do... READ MORE

Hi, I'm from the UK ... If I may, can I put it to any doctors out there, can you better my lower face? (Photo)

My philtrum is very long and you can hardly see my teeth when I smile, but I don't want anything dramatic like I'm pouting also I have a weak... READ MORE

I am 55 year old male. I have always been self conscious about this upper lip? (photo)

It is very thin and my I don't show teeth when I smile. I would have done something about it earlier in my life but I never thought it was possible.... READ MORE

Lip Lift Nightmare - What Are My Options?

It is now 4 and a half weeks post op and am so depressed. If i had a time machine i would go back in time and not have it done. My lip looks like a... READ MORE

Ways to Improve Smile - Options?

I have a rather long nose. The bottom of my nose is lower than most. It keeps my upper lip from lifting when I smile. Is it possible to reduce the... READ MORE

Lip Lift Procedure Failed After Three Months

I am a male age 60 in very good health and had a lip lift procedure performed as the length between my upper lip and nose base is about 2.5 cm. A bull... READ MORE

Lip Lift to Make Lip Straighter Across (Male)?

The lip was pulled up mainly in the middle hence making the middle part stand out more and the sides and corners of the mouth and lip have a more... READ MORE

How Much Do Internal Lip Lifts Usually Cost, and Do They Make Upper Lip Thinner?

Hello I'm a male looking for a lip lift that would reduce the length between the base of my nose and my upper lip (I measured and it's about 2.5 cm).... READ MORE

Teeth doesn't appear after smile due to upper lip. Please suggest the best lip lift procedure for my case. (Photo)

My upper lip is covering my teeth during smile....Iam 30 years old male and I had a moustache..I didn't want to loose my moustache due to any... READ MORE

Doctors familiar with "double duck" lip lift. Can you give me more information please? (Photo)

I read a paper on the "double duck" lip lift technique, and found it interesting. I can't seem to find any before and afters, and talk about this... READ MORE

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