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Is my philtrum too long? Am I a candidate for Bullhorn Lift? (photo)

Dear Sirs, I am quite unsatisfied with the length of my philtrum. It gives a disharmony to my face and it does not fit into my face. I must admit that... READ MORE

What type of lip lift would suit me best, if any? (photos)

26 years old, teeth already showing, want more proportionate plump lips.  Seeking advice from experienced surgeon regarding my lips reshaping. My... READ MORE

Would an upper lip lift help my teeth show more when smiling? (photos)

This is an odd question, but is there a way to make my smile a little gummier? Unless I really force it and slightly scrunch my nose, my teeth don't... READ MORE

Am I a Canidate for a Lip Lift

I had a lip lift about a year ago and see there is no difference, I may not have expressed what i wanted to the doctor properly. i feel that my face... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Male, Long Face and Upper Lip, Fat in Jowls and Weak Jawline? (photo)

I've always had an oblong face. As I've aged, my upper lip has lengthened, increasing the visual length of the face and giving it that... READ MORE

Is my smile inadequacy due to an elongated nose? (Photo)

I feel that the center of my maxillary lip does not elevate to the level of the corners of my mouth. Is this due to elongated nasal bones obstructing... READ MORE

Can my nasal base be fixed back to it's original position after lip lift??

I had a lip lift 6 months ago, skin removed only, but my nasal base was so pulled down, now my nose was elongated, even tho the space between my upper... READ MORE

LIPLIFT Complications? Cannot Lift Center, Crease When Smiling, Etc?

Had a liplift 2 yrs ago; doctor removed skin and folded or cut the muscle. Immediately after surgery, the lip did not move normally and was longer.... READ MORE

I am concerned about the length of my upper lip and wondering if I am a good candidate for a lip lift procedure? (photo)

I am a 21 year old male with an overly long upper lip. It is around 20mm long. I would like it shortened, but I am concerned about ending up with a... READ MORE

What would scars from a lip lift look like, and would I be able to get rid of them?

I have a very long space between my nose and top lip and I cringe when I look in the mirror. I am aware that I would have scars and they will probably... READ MORE

My philtrum is long, I feel. My question is which type of lip lift would I be out from ? (photos)

I think my philtrum is over an inch... I feel as it takes away from the little beauty I have , I'd really appreciate an answer. I'm olive toned. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to make your upper lip longer after having a lip lift? (photo)

Looking to have a longer upper lip again since i hate the resaults of my liplift and my lips are protruding a lot. READ MORE

Lip lift or other options besides jaw realignment for displease looking mouth (photos)

My mouth looks very long when it's closed. I'm thinking maybe I can get a lip lift. I want an option that is not as expensive as jaw realignment.... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Lip lift?

I'm cosidering doing lip lift as my philtrum looks too long ... but im scared of the scar as its on my face ... are there any precautions to take pre... READ MORE

Quick question about lip lifts..?

I've had two rhinoplasty operations in my life. In my 20s and 30s. 39 now. I (still - since the first rhino) have a retracted columella but I'm not... READ MORE

Longer Upper Lip After Liplift?

If during a liplift the labii superioris muscle or anterior nasalis muscle, was cut or injured resulting in a longer, flat lip that does not lift... READ MORE

Philtrum is long and monkey like. What procedures could help me, a lip lift? (Photo)

I absolutely hate my philtrum, it's very long and it sort of bulges out resulting in me looking like an ape at times. I'm very self conscious about... READ MORE

My upper lip is longer and I want to short the distance of upper lip. Am I a candidate for a Lip Lift?

Hello I am 19 year old My upper lip is longer and I want to short the distance of upper lip. Can any one help me what to do? The scare for how long... READ MORE

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