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Is It Possible to Do an Inverted Lip Lift?

By inverted lip lift, I mean the incisions would be on the inside of the lip, just below the anterior nasal spine. What I'd like to avoid is... READ MORE

Would you recommend a subnasal upper lip lift? (Photo)

This is my face with my jaw is slightly slack. My main objective is to improve the shape and slightly increase the size of my upper vermilion lip. As... READ MORE

My lip lift incision isn't healing - is this normal? (Photo)

I had a skin-only LL performed 2 weeks ago, external sutures moved at 5 days post-op. The incision appears to be healing except for a few areas... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Lift the Lip From the Outer Nostrils?

I have lot of fillers in my upper lip. Getting a revision rhinoplasty and minor lip lift at the same time. Pouty upper lip because of the fillers. So... READ MORE

Lip lift incision area (Photo)

I've seen a recent abundance of lip lift reviews, and I noticed that most of the incisions and sutures extend not only just under the columellar area,... READ MORE

Why do I have recurring pimples on my incision scar?

I had a liplift along my lip line on 11/20/15. It is 1/2/16 and I keep getting the same pimples over and over on the incision line. I squeeze the puss... READ MORE

Can a Lip Lift incision be placed above the nasal sill?

Is there a reason why the incision cannot be done inside the nose above the nasal sill and continuing forward to transverse the columellar skin? Of... READ MORE

Bullhorn lip lift. How should I handle my skin not closing up? (Photo)

I had a lip lift 12 days ago. My insision is not closing up around my nostrils. I can gently pull it open and see clear sutures inside and deep... READ MORE

I had a lip lift 2 weeks ago, and I am a bit worried that the incision could be infected. (photos)

The redness has not faded since the operation, and there continues to be some aching. Note that in the photo I have ointment on the incision, so that... READ MORE

Is a lip lift revision advisable? (Photo)

Had a list lift 22 months ago. Not a good result. Feel that the Dr. was too conservative and not meticulous when closing the incision. No teeth show.... READ MORE

How does removing prematurely surgical glue on an incision affect scar outcome?

If a plastic surgeon has used a combination of internal, dissolvable sutures plus surgical glue for a facial plastic procedure, will picking at and... READ MORE

Scar reduction or revision? (Photo)

I have an incision scar due to a corner lip lift. What methods would help reduce the indented scar? Should I consider a scar revision? Thanks READ MORE

Lip lift incisions not closing up after two weeks? (photo)

My lip lift incitions don't appear to be closing up. It looks like I have a an open ditch running down the sides of my nostrils. Is this normal? I'm... READ MORE

Nose shape completely different after lip lift (Photo)

I had a lip lift done 2 days ago (two incisions inside the nostrils) I'm still very swollen. Yesterday I removed the bandage from my nose and I was... READ MORE

Do any doctors offer the 'Greenwald' lip lift?

I am reading that many doctors prefer the 'bullhorn' lip lift but as I am not happy with the scar I would like to know if there are any alternatives.... READ MORE

Is my lip lift incision too far from my nostril? (Photo)

I'm 8 days postop & concerned bc while most of the pics I've seen show an incision that follows the outer perimeter of the nostril, then tucks inside... READ MORE

How is it this patient's lip lift doesn't distort her nostrils or pull downward on her columella?

Is it bc the skin was undermined from the lip to the incision line? In a majority of lip lift cases, the nares are pulled down from the tension @ the... READ MORE

Why Do Lip lift Incision Placements Differ?

I notice from looking at various before/after LipLift photos that some PS make an effort to place the scar close to contour/crease of the nose. Yet,... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Upper Lip Lift, the incision isn't closing and there is stiffness. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I had an upper lip lift performed 4 weeks ago with internal & external sutures. The external sutures were removed 5 days post-op. Unfortunately,... READ MORE

My Lip lift incision have holes after 1 1/2 years. What can be done? (photos)

I still have incision holes from stitching? After one and a half years from a bullhorn lip lift. My makeup cakes in the area and the incision is very... READ MORE

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