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I Hate the Lip Lift the Doctor Gave Me. What Can I Do to Redo the Big Scar He Left Me?

I had a gulf wing lip lift about 4 weeks ago and it looks terrible. There is a big scar on my top lip and lots of scar tissue. I'm very upset... READ MORE

Is Gullwing Lip Lift Appropriate for Me? A 20 Year Old Who Has Never Had Lips! (photo)

I have never ever ever had lips!! I barely have a lip line. I have done Juverderm three times. While I LOVE the plumpness..I hate the price tag and no... READ MORE

Are There Steps That Can Be Taken to Avoid a Change in the Nostril Shape from a Bull Horn Lip Lift?

Or does it just depend on the individual? Also, can a gull wing be preformed if I already have filler in my lips? I am 29 yrs old if that makes a... READ MORE

Botched Upper Lip Surgery?

I recently had a gull-wing lip lift as there were no upper teeth showing. The doctor never discussed with me the additional surgery that he performed... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Gullwing or Bullhorn lip lift? Or BOTH?

Gullwing seems to give a very visible scar but, I like the lift it gives. I also like the bullhorn but the outer part of the upper lip isn't addressed... READ MORE

How to Find a Doctor Who Performs Gullwing Lip Lifts (At Vermillion Border) in WA or OR?

This is the method I want; I have a friend who did it back east so I understand about scars. Permanent makeup and lipstick will cover it nicely.... READ MORE

Gull Wing Lip Lift - I Want It to Look Natural, What Can I do to Fix it? (photo)

It was looking good for first 2 months and then I started to have hard rubbery uneven scar. I think it is keloid. What can I do to fix it? READ MORE

Are there any "fixes" for a bad gull-wing lip lift? (photos)

I had a gull-wing lip lift (top and bottom) in 1998 and have always struggled with the very visible white scar. The left and right sides are also... READ MORE

Recovery time after gullwing lip lift?

Hi there, I've been considering a gullwing lip lift (knowing the pros and cons of it over a bullhorn lip lift), but I do work in a very social... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for a sub-nasal lip lift? (photos)

I want to accomplish two things- 1. A shorter philtrum. 2. More top red lip show (particularly the sides) I want to know my options to achieve this... READ MORE

Can my Lip Lift Be Changed Again for Better Results? (photo)

I would like to know if my gullwing lip lift can be fixed. I can't even smile now because it's uncomfortable & it makes me look "crazy". I feel... READ MORE

Advice procedure/surgeon (experience in lip revision): lip lift + revision of incision line + 2nd reduction of thickness.(photo)

I had a Gull-wing lift to reduce the white lip. Results are very bad : visible scars + my lip is became ugly, too big and we still don't see my teeth.... READ MORE

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