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I am a 51-year-old female, lately I noticed that my teeth do not show when I smile (Photo)

Can a lip lift improve my smile and how do you guard against the frowning mouth in the corners? Also, it seems weird that my lip does not move when I... READ MORE

Seeking skilled US surgeon for 'Corner lift' corner lip lift or "smile lift" to bring up downturned corners of mouth?

The corners of my mouth turn down and it looks like I'm frowning. I'm looking for a surgeon anywhere in the country confident in this procedure. I... READ MORE

Which lift would add both fullness to my upper lip and to the sagging corners as well? (photo)

I don't like the sagging frown lines. Nor do I like the comparatively thinner top lift. I will probably leave the permalip implants so hopefully it's... READ MORE

Permanent frown and long upper lip. Is a Lip Lift for me? (Photos)

Hello, I am 31 and very self-conscious of my mouth. It seems like my upper lip is long, my lips are uneven, and I always look as if I am frowning. My... READ MORE

What is purpose of getting a lip lift? I had originally thought it was to fix lips that were down turned in a frown shape.

As I look at photos on this site, I'm seeing surgery to lessen the space between mouth and nose...what's the difference? READ MORE

What can be done to improve my mouth or resting bitch face, would a lip lift help ? What about the edges? lower lip? (photo)

I hate my lips and resting bitch face, my upper lip completely covers my upper teeth, even when I smile and I hate the way my face has a frown look. READ MORE

Corner lip lift or mid face lift for mouth frown? (photos)

I'm a happy and healthy girl past her mid 20's but my upper lip ain't doing me justice. It makes me look sad and angry even when I'm happy. People ask... READ MORE

Would lip injections help my frowning lips? Or should I consider a corner lip lift? (Photo)

I am a woman in my early 20's. My lips naturally curve down, making it look like I have a continual frown. This also affects my smile, as my smile... READ MORE

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