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Lip Suspension, No-scar Lip Lift in Los Angeles

I've wanted a subnasal bullhorn lip lift but can't stand the idea of the scar and long healing time. I stumbled on "lip suspension."... READ MORE

Commisure Lip Lift Doctor Recommendations

The corners of my mouth are dropping. I know there is a procedure called Commissure Lift, but I don't know any doctors who do that. Does anybody... READ MORE

How to Find a Plastic Surgeon Who Excels at Lip Lifts?

I have a long upper lip (I like my lip shape and proportions though) and in pictures my lip disappears. Are there any plastic surgeons who excel at... READ MORE

Bullhorn Subnasal Lip Lift in Los Angeles

I'd like to have the bullhorn lip lift procedure. I've tried fillers but they drag down my lip further over my front teeth. I know a lip lift... READ MORE

Looking for a Good Lip Lift Doctor in Denver, Colorado

I have been unable to find a surgeon who performs this procedure in Denver. I would prefer to find someone with a lot of experience so that I do not... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeons Specializing in Upper Lip Lift in Pittsburgh?

I'm looking for a plastic surgeon who specializes in upper Lip lift (gull wing) in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Do you know anybody who's done those... READ MORE

Lift lip suspension? (photos)

Found a procedure on the internet called a "lip lift suspension" that is described as an upper lip lift, no scar, single stitch, a thread is used to... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Gullwing Lip Lift Scar Revision

Had a gullwing lip lift 2 years ago, the surgeon made the incision 2 millimetres above the lip line boarder, now i'm left with a nasty indented... READ MORE

Seeking skilled US surgeon for 'Corner lift' corner lip lift or "smile lift" to bring up downturned corners of mouth?

The corners of my mouth turn down and it looks like I'm frowning. I'm looking for a surgeon anywhere in the country confident in this procedure. I... READ MORE

Treatment For Downturned Lips/Mouth? I've Already Tried Prevalle Silk With No Results.

Was recently injected with 1/2 syringe of prevalle silk to correct downturned lips. Unfortunately no results can be seen (im aware it was a small... READ MORE

How to Find a Doctor Who Performs Gullwing Lip Lifts (At Vermillion Border) in WA or OR?

This is the method I want; I have a friend who did it back east so I understand about scars. Permanent makeup and lipstick will cover it nicely.... READ MORE

I am looking for a dr, London, UK based. Lip lift, corner lip lift, vy bottom lip lift (Photo)

I need advice on the cost of the procedures or are they classed as one? Would I get a good result, how long does it take? Do you lose the feeling in... READ MORE

Lip Lift - Yes or No? (photos)

I have always had a fairly long and narrow face with a long philtrum. At 44, my upper lip has now lengthened to 2.1 cm. I tried filler (0.5 cc) about... READ MORE

Lip lift surgeon in Boston?

I need to find a facial plastic surgeon who does lip lifts skillfully in the boston area. I want to shorten the distance between my nose and lips and... READ MORE

Do any doctors offer the 'Greenwald' lip lift?

I am reading that many doctors prefer the 'bullhorn' lip lift but as I am not happy with the scar I would like to know if there are any alternatives.... READ MORE

Is there a Dr in Los Angeles experienced in Lip Suspension surgery?

Lip suspension seems like an ideal procedure for what I'm looking to do, but I'm having trouble finding a Dr who performs this surgery. Is it riskier... READ MORE

Good Lip Lift Doctors in the UK?

I'm 20 years old and considering a bullhorn lip lift to reduce the length of my long upper lip for a more feminine appearance. I know that the lip... READ MORE

Droopy lower lip. I read there is a procedure that involves the muscle of the lip or maybe beneath the lip?Where exactly?

I am 27 y/o girl, my lower lip is droopy ,like the muscle isn't tight ,and my lower teeth is visible when my mouth is at rest. I read that there is a... READ MORE

Lip lift South Africa. Also bullhorn vs Italian?

I'm looking for a good lip lift surgeon in south Africa. Also I want a subtle result so wanted an Italian lift but heard it can distort the nostrils... READ MORE

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