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Lip Shape/ Philtrum Change After Fall?

I tripped on my face, damaging my 2 front upper teeth. No other injury. Tooth a was chipped- filled with composite and tooth b was badly cracked- root... READ MORE

47 yr black female. My top lip has no shape and the Cupid's bow has no definition. (photos)

Top lip has no shape or Cupid's bow. Smile is crooked and lip hangs over teeth. Am I a candidate for a lip lift? Fillers? READ MORE

Can a lip lift revision restore the philtral columns/dimple I had prior to the surgery? Also my lip is now off-center (Photo)

A lip lift has disappeared my previously well-defined philtral columns & dimple. Additionally it's left my upper lip off-center, veering off to the... READ MORE

Would a bullhorn lip lift be the right procedure to shorten my philtrum and add definition to my top lift? (photo)

I simply want to look like me, but better. Have always disliked length of philtrum & am seeking opinions & a surgeon experienced in this... READ MORE

Cupids Bow and Philtral Columns Enhancement?

My lips lack definition and i would love to know what can enhance the cupids bow and philtral columns. I thought that i may need a lip lift as well... READ MORE

Would a lip lift help with asymmetry in my top lip? (photos)

Or would another form of treatment be more effective? Also does a lip lift help to create more definition in the cupid's bow? READ MORE

How much will a lip lift + nose job cost and is it okay to do both procedures at once? (Photos)

Basically, I feel as though my nose has been getting bigger probably due to the fact that my face has been getting slimmer from cutting back on... READ MORE

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