Cupid's Bow + Lip Lift

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Cupid's Bow Surgery

Is There a Cupids Bow Surgery Preformed Like the One Done by Dr Orden on the Doctors Tv Program? READ MORE

Can Cosmetic Lip Surgery Reduce a Very Wide Philtrum and Cupid's Bow?

My philtrum is slightly narrower than my columella at the top, but at my cupid's bow, widens to a point parallel to the lateral inside edges of my... READ MORE

Would you recommend a subnasal upper lip lift? (Photo)

This is my face with my jaw is slightly slack. My main objective is to improve the shape and slightly increase the size of my upper vermilion lip. As... READ MORE

Lip Shape/ Philtrum Change After Fall?

I tripped on my face, damaging my 2 front upper teeth. No other injury. Tooth a was chipped- filled with composite and tooth b was badly cracked- root... READ MORE

Lip Lift Candidate? Would a Sub-dermal Implant or Graft to Cupid's Bow Be Better? (photo)

My lips are naturally pouty/curvy/full so even a flesh/lip toned permanent makeup wouldn't quite work. They also seem asymmetrical in the peaks and... READ MORE

Can a Lip Lift Make the Cupid's Bow More Visible?

I'm 18 and my cupid's bow is not very noticeable. Doctors around my area does not offer any procedures for only the cupid's bow. READ MORE

Will a Lip Lift Help my Asymmetrical Lip?

I'm considering to get sub-nasal lip lift. One side of my lip is less fuller than the other side. 1-Is it possible to have only the other side lifted... READ MORE

Would a bullhorn lip lift be best? (Photo)

I really dislike my upper lip. I think it's too thin (not showing enough red), is lacking a distinct cupids bow and I really dislike the space between... READ MORE

47 yr black female. My top lip has no shape and the Cupid's bow has no definition. (photos)

Top lip has no shape or Cupid's bow. Smile is crooked and lip hangs over teeth. Am I a candidate for a lip lift? Fillers? READ MORE

Lip lift or lip injections? (Photo)

When I slightly open my mouth, my teeth hardly show and I think there is too much space between my lips and nose. I would also like a more accentuated... READ MORE

Can a lip lift flatten a prominent cupid's bow? (Photo)

I have a very prominent cupids bow....almost like a birds beak...can a lip lift flatten that out a bit? and is the muscle always cut?...thank you READ MORE

What's the maximum amount of skin that can be removed during an upper lip lift procedure?

I have 20 mm philtrum from the base of my nose to the top of my cupids bow, id like to have as much removed as possible. Thank you READ MORE

Would a lip lift enhance my upper lip? (photos)

I have a fairly thin upper lip, and wish to enhance it significantly. I was wondering if an upper lip lift would increase the amount of area of my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Correct my Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a lip lift done in May ( cut around top lift) results were really bad. My Dr. did it again beginning of Sept. now the results are much worse... READ MORE

What can I do if the distance between the base of my nose and my upper lip is too short after a lip lift?

I've had a lip lift last Nov, and it didn't turn out the way I wanted at all. I now have a visible scar at the base of my nose and my upper lip is... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure That Can Lift my Upper Lip? (photo)

I have had Juvaderm injections into my upper lip earlier in the year because my upper lip is thin and has a strange Cupid's bow, my dermatologist said... READ MORE

Alternative types of lip lifts? (Photo)

I have a 19mm philtrum and am considering a lip lift to shorten it. I've read about a Cupid's Bow Lip Lift (3 v-shaped incisions on the inside of the... READ MORE

Cupids Bow and Philtral Columns Enhancement?

My lips lack definition and i would love to know what can enhance the cupids bow and philtral columns. I thought that i may need a lip lift as well... READ MORE

Any revision to enlarge the philtrum after a disappointing lip lift?

I had a lip lift 7 weeks ago. 8-9 mm were removed from an 15-16 mm philtrum (I thought my ps was only going to remove 4 - 5 mm). I now have no... READ MORE

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