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Difference Between Types of Lip Lift Surgery?

What's the difference between an Italian lip lift and a Bullhorn lip lift? What are the pros and cons of each type of lip lift procedure? Thank You!! READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Bull's Horn Lip Lift and FATMA?

What's the difference between a FATMA (fat transfer and mucosal advancement) and a Bulls Horn Lift? Is one better than the other? Thank you. READ MORE

Would you recommend a subnasal upper lip lift? (Photo)

This is my face with my jaw is slightly slack. My main objective is to improve the shape and slightly increase the size of my upper vermilion lip. As... READ MORE

AlloDerm As an Alternative to Lip Lift?

I dont want to get a lip lift because of scarring but wanted to know if Alloderm can be injected and give me a pouty lip with my teeth showing? READ MORE

Lip lift stitching?

I have looked at so many lip lift stitching. Some go into the nostril and others just underneath. The ones where the stitches are just underneath... READ MORE

Lip lift or lip injections? (Photo)

When I slightly open my mouth, my teeth hardly show and I think there is too much space between my lips and nose. I would also like a more accentuated... READ MORE

Lip injections or lip lift? (Photo)

I'm curious about what this girl got done to her lips because she looks totally different I think she looks better after lip lift or lip injections READ MORE

What would be more beneficial for my top lip? Permalip or Upper Lip lift (Photo)

From the photos you can tell this I have very thin lips. Especially my top lip.I think I will get a good result with Permalip for my bottom lip I... READ MORE

My teeth don't show properly when I smile. Lip lift? Braces? (Photo)

Basically my teeth only half show when I smile and it's getting me down what can I do to make them show. Lip lift or braces or what? READ MORE

Lip lift or fillers? (Photo)

I have a long lip but small amount of tooth show which seems to be required for a lip lift? READ MORE

Why Do Lip lift Incision Placements Differ?

I notice from looking at various before/after LipLift photos that some PS make an effort to place the scar close to contour/crease of the nose. Yet,... READ MORE

Lip Lift or Vermillion Advancement?

I have a terrible 4mm scar (mainly consisting of a skin graft that really doesnt match) above my vermillion border, taking up 1/4 of my top lip. I am... READ MORE

Alternative types of lip lifts? (Photo)

I have a 19mm philtrum and am considering a lip lift to shorten it. I've read about a Cupid's Bow Lip Lift (3 v-shaped incisions on the inside of the... READ MORE

Subnasal lift lift or columella lowering? (Photo)

I have been planning to get a subnasal lip lift to reduce the length of my upper lip (I also have no upper tooth show with my lips parted). However,... READ MORE

Would a regular, corner lip lift or fillers be best for me? (Photo)

I have a love/hate relationship with my upper lip, I like it and i don't. What bothers me the most are the corners, they just kinda stop, I dont have... READ MORE

Lip lift South Africa. Also bullhorn vs Italian?

I'm looking for a good lip lift surgeon in south Africa. Also I want a subtle result so wanted an Italian lift but heard it can distort the nostrils... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; upper lip lift or cosmetic dentistry?

Something that has really bothered me is my long upper lift - even though I'm young, you don't see much teeth when I smile and the distance from nose... READ MORE

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