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Is It Possible to Have a Lip Upper Lift Done at the Same Time As a Facelift?

I am 60yo and planing a Facelift on Novembre 2010. Is it possible to have a Lip upper Lift done at the same time as a Facelift? My lip upper is too... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Gullwing or Bullhorn lip lift? Or BOTH?

Gullwing seems to give a very visible scar but, I like the lift it gives. I also like the bullhorn but the outer part of the upper lip isn't addressed... READ MORE

Can I get a lip lift while I still have filler left in my lips?

Four months ago I got juvederm injected into my lips. I want to schedule a lip lift and would like to know if I should dissolve the filler first or is... READ MORE

lip lift/ rhinoplasty for multiple concerns (photos)

My first concern is my upper lip.....i am researching this procedure as i cannot stand my cupids bow and i think there is quite a bit of distance... READ MORE

Looking a long time for lip lift / fat graft combined surgery

I am looking for a doctor who is very familiar with performing lip lift surgery and fat grafting together in the Northern VA area READ MORE

Lefort 1 + Bullhorn Lip Lift: Possible to Have Both Surgeries at Once?

Female, 27. Gummy smile+long upper lip (18 mm). Normal teeth show. Recessive chin. Lower jaw "set back". Good bite. Facial thirds is the... READ MORE

Filler After Lip Lift

I had a lip lift procedure last week and wanted to get some radiesse in my cheeks but i did not want the swelling. Having read some articles and done... READ MORE

Lip Reduction After a Lip Lift Possible?

Lip Reduction After a Lip Lift ? is this possible ? READ MORE

Approach to reducing flair and "height" of nostrils, and nostril "show". Possible to combine with lip lift? (photos)

Closed Nose surgery done 25 years ago (hump/tip) . NOW, Looking to reduce Alar "height" (relative to lip height) and flair/angle (esp at alar "top"... READ MORE

What's the best way to perform a lip lift, with stitching inside the nose or outside?

I have seen so many different ways skin can be cut, when doing a lip lift. I am not looking forward to scaring, but would deal with it over permenant... READ MORE

Lip Lift and Nose Job Incision?

If I had a nose job can I have a lip lift and have the insitions from under nith my nose? READ MORE

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