Columella + Lip Lift

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Is It Possible to Perform a Lip Suspension or Lip Lift Without Cutting the Columella?

I already have couple of cuts on the columella from previous and multiple surgeries on the nose. I was reading on the Internet that there is a... READ MORE

Lip lift - muscle hemming vs skin? (Photo)

I can continue reading review after review, but I am no further along than when I started. I have read not to touch the muscle, it could cause... READ MORE

With the area between my lips and nose at 2cm, am I a good candidate for a lip lift? Have also had columella shortened. (photo)

The area between my lips and nose is 2cm. I've had the columella shortened a few years ago and since then that area looks rather large. I also... READ MORE

Lip lift incision area (Photo)

I've seen a recent abundance of lip lift reviews, and I noticed that most of the incisions and sutures extend not only just under the columellar area,... READ MORE

Does lip lift help with correcting the angle between upper lip and nose? Will it enhance the look of a short nose? (photo)

I had a terrible rhino done before which resulted in a short nose, weak and collapsed columnella and breathing problems, etc... I had to do a revision... READ MORE

Can my desired result be achieved with fillers? (photos)

I'm about 3.5 wks post op on a lip lift, which accentuated the sharp slope of my upper lip. I'm assuming that this is the final result even though I... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a bullhorn liplift after 2 open Rhinoplasties? (photos)

I have had 2 open Rhinoplasties and am getting a 3rd (not sure if this will be open or closed). I feel that the length between my nose and upper lip... READ MORE

Columnella swelling one year after Lip Lift (photos)

I had a lip lift a year ago. I'm happy with the position of my lip & the scar is not bad. But the residual swelling of the columnella, where the local... READ MORE

Bull horn lip lift - re:preventing nasal sill pull downward w/o nasal floor sutures and maintaining the nasolabial angle?

Is there a method by which to prevent the nasal sills, increased frontal nasal show, & the columella from being pulled down after a bull horn lip... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a lip lift with an alar reduction? (Photo)

Hi Doctors! Is it feasible to do a lip lift with the alar reduction? Also please advice if the following results are possible via alar reduction: 1.... READ MORE

Lip lift on a late 20s male? (Photo)

I feel that i am a good candidate for liplift rather than filler because of my lack of exposed teeth with mouth at rest. However after consulting with... READ MORE

Do you think I need a lip lift? (Photos)

I'm having my hanging columella corrected in Jan. However after this do you think I need a lip lift ??? Current philtrum is 17mm. Worried after nose... READ MORE

Do any surgeons routinely perform so called 'double duck' lip lifts?

I've come across a procedure referred to as the 'Double duck lip lift', in which the columella of the nose is not incised. I can't find any surgeon... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and lip lift- at the same time?

I am really keen to have a corner and upper lip lift, however at some point (less urgent) I would also like to have a revision rhinoplasty to... READ MORE

Quick question about lip lifts..?

I've had two rhinoplasty operations in my life. In my 20s and 30s. 39 now. I (still - since the first rhino) have a retracted columella but I'm not... READ MORE

Distorted Columella or Nostril Distortion After Lip Lift - Why?

I scheduled a lip lift surg. but i got scared while reading about so many women ended up with: 1- nerve damage 2- nasal base and nostril distortion my... READ MORE

How is it this patient's lip lift doesn't distort her nostrils or pull downward on her columella?

Is it bc the skin was undermined from the lip to the incision line? In a majority of lip lift cases, the nares are pulled down from the tension @ the... READ MORE

Subnasal lift lift or columella lowering? (Photo)

I have been planning to get a subnasal lip lift to reduce the length of my upper lip (I also have no upper tooth show with my lips parted). However,... READ MORE

Can a lip lift help improve a retracted columella? (photo)

My caudal and membranous septum was shortened leaving a recessed appearance. I now have a lengthened distance between my upper lip and columella. I am... READ MORE

Am I candidate for a lip lift? (photos)

Hiya My upper lip hangs over my teeth. I show no teeth with my mouth open or during convo. The most I can force my teeth to show is in pic 2. I have... READ MORE

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