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What type of lip lift would suit me best, if any? (photos)

26 years old, teeth already showing, want more proportionate plump lips.  Seeking advice from experienced surgeon regarding my lips reshaping. My... READ MORE

Lip Lift Causes Chin to Look Longer?

I've noticed that some surgeons do not address the effect that a Lip lift can have on the lower third of the face. To be more specific, lifting the... READ MORE

Are my lips too low? (Photo)

There is something wrong with the lower part of my face. I can't figure out if I need a lip lift or a chin implant. My lips seem to be sunken into my... READ MORE

Does a lip lift procedure help? Asian middle aged woman

I have a small nose, very long upper lip - the distance from the base of my nose to the upper lip is about 24 mm, and a small chin, and my upper jaw... READ MORE

Can I do a lip lift? (photo)

Im 26 ,I hate my long philtrum if i do a lip left can iclose my lips right ? Without chin wrinkle Or tighness? I wish to only take off just some skin... READ MORE

Does a lip lift cause chin strain? (photos)

Hi, I'm considering a lip lift with fat graft. My lips close perfectly. When my mouth is at rest, you see my bottom teeth and a 'bit' of my upper... READ MORE

I'm only 20 and my face is aging before my eyes. What can I do? (photos)

My facual skin is sagging and my mouth permanently looks sad and squished. Is there something I can do to look my age? There isn't a chance I will be... READ MORE

Would a lip lift and chin implant balance out my face? (Photo)

I have a wide and long philtrum and not much of a chin. I was wondering if I'm a good candidate for both? Or would a chin implant and a couple of lip... READ MORE

Lip lift with chin implant. (Photo)

Ultimately, I'm trying to achieve a more balanced face. I am considering a lip lift with a chin implant. Is that the right course of action? I do feel... READ MORE

Lefort 1 + Bullhorn Lip Lift: Possible to Have Both Surgeries at Once?

Female, 27. Gummy smile+long upper lip (18 mm). Normal teeth show. Recessive chin. Lower jaw "set back". Good bite. Facial thirds is the... READ MORE

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