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Please Read Lip Lift Ruined my Nose? (photo)

I went for a lip lift 7 days ago and have had my sutures out and I am not prepared how it made me nose look different. Either he removed too much skin... READ MORE

Can I Change the Shape of my Philtrum & Upper Lip? (photo)

My philtrum is wide & little uppish.My upper lip is very thin. When i smile my upper teeth also not visible. is there any way to make my philtrum... READ MORE

Lip Shape/ Philtrum Change After Fall?

I tripped on my face, damaging my 2 front upper teeth. No other injury. Tooth a was chipped- filled with composite and tooth b was badly cracked- root... READ MORE

Is there a way to change how the philtrum looks from the side? (photos)

Hello, as you can see on the left pic, my philtrum is bent inward and i think it looks unpleasant. Is there a way to change this? And also, would it... READ MORE

Will a lip lift change your nose?

I like my nose but i hate hate my long philtrum , i wanted to go for a lip lift this year , but will it make my nose wider?! Or look different !?... READ MORE

I want to correct the distance between my nose and lips, am I a good candidate for a Lip Lift? (Photo)

I don't like the distance between my nose and my lips, my nose is short and I don't want to touch it. I would like a conservative lip lift but I'm... READ MORE

Will a lip lift change the nostrils?

I am considering getting a lip lift done but keep hearing people say how it changed the shape of their nostrils/nose, which is making me reconsider.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for an upper lip lift? Would a bullhorn lip lift be suitable for me? (photo)

I think my upper lip is too long? I have had a number of rhinoplasties in the past, I don't want the liplift to affect the appearance of my nose. Do... READ MORE

Can a lip lift change the shape of my lips?

I have always hated my cupids is fairly pronounced and from profile it appears i have a "birds beak" i would love the top to be a bit flatter... READ MORE

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