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Alternative to a Lip Lift

The distance between my nose and upper lip bothers me. I've researched various methods to fix it from a rhinoplasty to lengthen the nose to a lip... READ MORE

What are some good alternatives to a corner lip lift? I'm in my early 30s.

The corners of my mouth turn down, giving me a sad/unhappy appearance. However, the doctors I've talked to are reluctant to perform a corner lip lift,... READ MORE

Treatment For Downturned Lips/Mouth? I've Already Tried Prevalle Silk With No Results.

Was recently injected with 1/2 syringe of prevalle silk to correct downturned lips. Unfortunately no results can be seen (im aware it was a small... READ MORE

Alternatives for shortening a long philtrum to a lip lift?

I have a very long philtrum, but I already have full lips with a lot of tooth show. Is there anything else that can be done as an alternative to a lip... READ MORE

Lip lift or alternative? (photo)

I am 45 and would like to reduce the length of the upper lift but am unsure if a lip lift is the best choice or if there are non surgical alternatives... READ MORE

Lip lift? (Photo)

My face is becoming more asymmetrical with age, and the worst part is the lengthening space between nose and upper lip, which when not smiling appears... READ MORE

Not enough tooth show when smiling, is a lip lift my only option?

My smile feels tight and forced my upper lip gets taut and recedes into my mouth.visited an oral surgeon who says my bite looks ok, didnt recommend... READ MORE

Bullhorn lip lift after rhinoplasty a year ago.

I have a long philtrum (2cm) and would like to opt for a bullhorn lip lift to shorten it. But I had rhinoplasty 1 year ago and my doctor does not... READ MORE

What are alternatives to a lip lift besides lip filler? (Photo)

My upper lip is fairly long and my lips project horizontally. I would prefer if it was more of an upward curve. However, I'm worried about the effect... READ MORE

Is there an alternative for corner Lip Lifts??

I would love to lift the corners of my lips but I do not like any of the pictures I have seen on here. Literally they look like the Joker...are there... READ MORE

Is a Successful "Inside the Mouth" Corner of the Mouth Lift Possible?

I have heard that there are alternative means to lift the corners of the mouth other than removing sections of skin above the mouth corners, which... READ MORE

My philtrum is 18 mm long, would there be a non-surgical alternative to a lip lift? (photos)

I read on RS that some possible alternatives would be ultherapy or placing filler along the vermillion border to heighten the red portion of the lip.... READ MORE

Can Botox help minimally raise the upper lip? (Photo)

I had a lip lift 9 months ago and saw a decent change in my philtrum length, tooth show, and lip fullness/prominence. I am comfortable with the length... READ MORE

Correcting a long upper lip? I have an excessively long upper lip (19 mm) which I believe doesn't suit my face. (photo)

I've read that a lip lift is the usual procedure but I'm concerned that I would not be a good candidate, as the pink portion of my upper lip is... READ MORE

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