Scar Tissue + Lip Implants

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Help, I'm so scared, sad and regretful. Have I butchered my lips for life by getting the Permalip implant? Scar tissue? (photos)

When it was placed I had a huge amount of bruising in one spot. My dr had to pull and tug really hard on that one spot to get the implant through. But... READ MORE

Will I have scar tissue after the removal of my Permalip implant? If so, is injecting hyaluronic filler into scar tissue safe?

I am getting my Permalip implant removed. It did not augment my lip to my desired size and I'd prefer hyaluronic acid injections. My question is, will... READ MORE

Can any doctor explain how the lips heal after Permalip removal?

I had Permalip implants in for 1 month and had them removed last Friday (1 week ago). There doesn't seem to be any information on recovering from... READ MORE

Once Permalip tunnels are created will there be scar tissue if implants are removed 1 month post op?

I had Permalip implants placed in my upper and lower lips exactly one month ago. I'm going to have my doctor remove them in 3 days. Will there be scar... READ MORE

Scar Tissue From Lip Implant 10 Years Ago?

I Had a lip implant 10 years ago..They only got it in my upper lip..Short if story I looked like Mrs Simpson..They removed it and today I am left with... READ MORE

Surgery to correct internal scar tissue in lips?

In 2009 I received lip implants (PermaLip) and the results were perfect. The setting was displaced during a dental procedure about 8 months later, and... READ MORE

What are my options after bad permalip surgery? (Photo)

It's not the PS THAT DID A BAD JOB, I don't think. I've had lg permalip placed in top and bottom, I loved them at first , but i think scar tissue has... READ MORE

Can you get scar tissue from permalip and if so is there a way to reverse it?

Im considering getting permalip implants. Ive seen pictures of people who can no longer open their mouth as wide as they use to or even smile fully.... READ MORE

What is the best option for a more permanent lip enlargement result?

What is the best option for a more permanent lip enlargement result. I don't tolerate the injections well and I have a lot of scar tissue in my jaw... READ MORE

Previously contracted gortex implant left scar tissue creating a crooked upper lip & philtrum. Can it be fixed and how? (Photo)

I had a gortex implant placed in my upper lip. It ended up contracting on one side. I eventually had it removed, Unfortunately now when I smile my lip... READ MORE

Lip Augumentation; can it be made from my own skin or maybe my scar tissue? (photos)

Ive tried lip fillers before, and id like a more permanent results. So I am looking for the most natural implant to augment my lips, considering... READ MORE

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