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I Was Given the Wrong Size Permalip Implant, Now What? (photo)

I wanted fuller lips with a larger cupids bow, so I decided on permalip implants. I asked for the largest size, but was given the medium size. The... READ MORE

Permalip Or My Own Fat For The Most Permanent Luscious Lips?

Hello ! I desire to have luscious lips, but I research a permanent solution, because I desire to have a permanent lipstick and my lips must remain... READ MORE

Alternative Option to Permanent Lip Augmentation?

What is the best alternative to permanent (or as at least LONG TERM) Lip Augmentation? $500 for Juvederm every 4 mos, and the pain and bruising is... READ MORE

Lip Implant Options

What are my choices when it comes to lip imlants that are permanent. READ MORE

What is the Best Lip Implant Brand?

I've heard of Gore-tex , Advanta , Evera and Surgisil PermaLip. What are the differences between all of them? READ MORE

12 Years After Gore-tex Implant in Upper Lips, I'm Unhappy. What Are My Options?

I Need Help and Can't Find a Doctor Who Can Answer Me Honestly.  I Have a  Gortex  Implant in my upper lip. I had it done like... READ MORE

Lip implants look odd, makes me look perma-smiling. Is my only recourse removal now? (Photo)

Lip implants done 1.5 weeks ago, I am very uncomfortable w/ my results & not sure how to approach my doctor about it. When in for consult, I agreed to... READ MORE

Autologous Implant Revision - 2 Failures. Options?

Had Autologous Implant in '95. It "Capsulized". Ligament from wrist was used. 3 yrs later, 2nd PS removed outer edges and sugg'd... READ MORE

I had lip implants from Dr. David Kaufman from Sacramento 10 years ago. My smile has never been the same. Can it be fixed?

He put upper and lower foam implants 5mm they where pretty good at the beginning and the horror started when my lips started change shape very flat on... READ MORE

Can an implant such as permalip be placed above the upper lip instead of in the lip? (Photo)

I have vertical lip lines though I don't smoke, and I've been getting juvy for 6+ years in my vermillion border, but it's no longer addressing those... READ MORE

I had Permalip in both upper and lower lips. I am not happy at all, since my face looks weird and I still have a duck look.

Both are 5mm and 5.5 length. What can I do? Should I remove both? It's been 3 weeks now And I think nothing will improve by now on. Plus, I think the... READ MORE

Permalip shifted to the right. What can I do to keep it in place?

A very good board certified plastic surgeon dif my 4mm permalip top lip only a year ago.Went well. I upsized to 5mm 3 weeks ago. My implant is off... READ MORE

Was my permalip implant (placed on the top lip only) put too high? It moves up and touches my nose when I smile. (Photo)

I had a permalip implant done on my top lip (the biggest size). I'm thrilled with the results as long as I don't smile. When I smile, the implant... READ MORE

20 year old with very thin lips? (Photo)

Would really like to have bigger lips, but I'm scared they will look fake because my lips are very thin & small.. If I was to get permalip, what size... READ MORE

Asymmetrical smile in upper lip with Advanta lip implant. What would my options be? (Photo)

I had an Advanta implant placed in my upper lip 7 years ago. I'm now noticing a very awkward asymmetry when I smile. The implant looks perfectly fine... READ MORE

Which option would be best for me - Permalip filler or upper lip lift? (Photo)

I have a very gummy smile which you can see in the photo, my upper lip all but disappears when i smile and i also have a crown on my front tooth. Ive... READ MORE

Best way to make my lips fuller for the longest time?

Im looking to get lip injections but I heard Restylane only lasts a few months! Is there any procedure that would give me bigger lips but last over a... READ MORE

Is there a permanent way to make upper lip bigger? (Photos)

I know about lip implants but so far every before and after I've seen has barely any difference. I wanted a lip lift to make my upper lip bigger,... READ MORE

PermaLip Implants Long Term Issues?

I've been seriously considering getting a small permalip implants. Though I see positive results on this site, a local surgeon said that there will... READ MORE

Previously contracted gortex implant left scar tissue creating a crooked upper lip & philtrum. Can it be fixed and how? (Photo)

I had a gortex implant placed in my upper lip. It ended up contracting on one side. I eventually had it removed, Unfortunately now when I smile my lip... READ MORE

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