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How Can I Get Permanent Plumped Lips?

I am tired of getting restyaln injections for my lips...what works to get permenent lip plumping? READ MORE

Safe Permanent Lip Filler on the Market Today?

I am looking to get my lips enhanced via a filler but I'm not really sure how safe this is. Can anyone advise if I'm able to get a permanent lip... READ MORE

Softform Vs Ultrasoft Implants for Permanent Lip Augmentation?

I have had my lips injected with several different temporary fillers and enjoyed the look that they achieved for a while. But I am curious about... READ MORE

Reversing a Verafil Lip Implant

I recently had Verafil lip enhancement (about 3 weeks ago). After 6 days I noticed that when I smiled I had a crooked smile and on the same side I... READ MORE

Help, I'm so scared, sad and regretful. Have I butchered my lips for life by getting the Permalip implant? Scar tissue? (photos)

When it was placed I had a huge amount of bruising in one spot. My dr had to pull and tug really hard on that one spot to get the implant through. But... READ MORE

Mouth Too Narrow for Lip Implants - Only 4 Centimeters from End to End

I'm 30. My mouth is only 40mm corner to corner. I want Permalip implants but their smallest size is 55mm long, which I can't use because it... READ MORE

What are the average prices for permalip lip implants?

I am interested in getting permalip implants and curious as to what the price range is for both upper and lower lip? Also I love the look of this... READ MORE

What would be my recommended Permalip implant size for both upper and lower? (photo)

I've been to two consultations. One doctor said he typically only does 4mm. The second doctor told me because my upper lip practically disappears when... READ MORE

Distorted lip after injection while I had an implant? Is there ANY danger to getting filler after removal of Permalip? (photos)

5mm implant placed in upper lip. Added syringe of filler to lip with the implant in, & it made the lip distorted.Why? Is it bent? Should I get implant... READ MORE

Is Permalip safe? (photo)

I would like to have my lips permanently enlarged. Fillers are too expensive and for some reason they dissolve within 2 months. I am looking for... READ MORE

How is making more vermillion done? What are the best lip implants? (Photo)

I was thinking of getting lip implants and the surgeon mentioned making more vermillion. How is this done? I want a natural feel. Will this raise the... READ MORE

Please help. I regret agreeing to silicone in my lip..don't want to lose size, but my lip covers my teeth now. So unhappy. TY!

8 years ago I had a surgeon friend who gave me retylane in my lips and because I liked it, suggested I go permanent and get silicone. I liked it at... READ MORE

Will my lips look deformed after getting Softform removed? (Photo)

I have had softform in my lips (top & bottom) for roughly 12 yrs now. I don't like they way they look anymore. My top lip shows the tubular structure... READ MORE

Do lip implants look as natural as fillers? (photo)

I want bigger lips but I don't want it too be too obvious they are not my real lips. I would get fillers except paying hundreds of dollars every... READ MORE

Hyalouronic acid injections or silicone implants for juicier lips? Would you suggest I get silicone implants or not? (photo)

Hi, Two months ago, I got hyalouronic acid injections, aiming for a fuller pair of lips. I wasn't satisfied at all (frankly, I saw NO results). As my... READ MORE

Can an underdeveloped maxilla be corrected with facial implants? (photos)

28/f. My maxilla is slightly underdeveloped which doesnt affect me medically, however results aesthetically in sunken cheeks, bags under eyes, and a... READ MORE

Ways to shorten philtrum? permanent lip filler options? Or maybe nose lengthening? (photos)

I recently consulted with an excellent lip lift surgeon in Beverly Hills who said I don't qualify for a lip lift because I have adequate tooth show... READ MORE

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