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Looking for Specialist to Remove Gore-tex Lip Implants in the Los Angeles Area

I had the gore-tex strands put into my lips around 8 years ago. They are very hard and my upper lip is too large. I desperately need a specialist to... READ MORE

Why can't I find a doctor in MN or WI who offers permanent lip implants/perma lip?

I would like to have a perma lip implant however cannot find a doctor who does the procedure near me. I can only find doctors willing to do fillers,... READ MORE

Are there any doctors who offer Permalip in Omaha, Nebraska? Or near?

I've been searching for a doctor who does Permalip in or near Omaha, Nebraska. Websites are pretty vague when listing procedures offered. READ MORE

Would that be possible with lip implants or lip injections? (photos)

I want bigger, fuller lips. Would that be posibble with lip implants or lip injections? I've been looking for the right Dr. That is able to grant me... READ MORE

How can I find a doctor who offers lip implants in the El Paso, Texas area? Thanks

I'm looking for a procedure that will make my lips big & beautiful for lifetime. What are some risks about getting lip implants? READ MORE

Does anyone know where the best place is to get permalip in the UK? (photos)

I am currently in Oxford and would want to travel anywhere to get my top lip the way I want it! READ MORE

Looking for a Doctor around my area or within a 75 mile radius only who does Permalip (Photo)

I was impressed by the doctor's answers I received in my last question. I'm not only looking just for a Plastic Surgeon for this procedure buy one for... READ MORE

Any doctor's recommendation for Surgisil Lip Implant Removal?

Hello, I got the Permalip implants 5 -6 years ago and I would like them removed. Although there are plenty of plastic surgeons in my city, I can't... READ MORE

Attention all Canadian doctors near or by Ontario. Do you do Permalip implants?

I am desperately hoping to get permalip implants but I cannot locate a nearby doctor. please advise me if you do this procedure !! Only permalip please ! READ MORE

Looking for a doctor who specializes in Lip implant surgery in Philadelphia?

After receiving Juvederm some years ago, I'm interested in a permanent implant. After some research, I think I'm leaning towards a saline implant... READ MORE

Lip Implants Surgeon in South Australia?

Hi i live in South Australia and cannot seem to find a surgeon that performs lip implant surgery....... can anyone help me please regards READ MORE

I need permanent lip augmentation but it's still not known in my country (Lebanon). (Photo)

Im from lebanon and i had a view on permalip on the internet but it's still not known in my there any close country where this type of... READ MORE

Lip implants in Australia?

I live in Melbourne Australia and I would really like lip implants. Are there any doctors in Melbourne who perform this op? Thank you. READ MORE

Corners of lips turn up with lip implant?

Hi. I have always had injectable fillers in my lips, but am considering a silicone implant. I like that it can be removed easily if there are issues.... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in central and northern CA that offer perma lip implant?

I'm very interested in having permanent lip implants.. Any suggestions on a gifted surgeon performing this.. Thanks READ MORE

Lip implants in Baltimore, MD?

Searching for the best, most experienced plastic surgeon in placing and correcting lip implants in the Baltimore, MD READ MORE

Looking for permanent filler/implants for lips in Canada and doctor that will do it?

I'm looking for a doctor in Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal that does permanent lip fillers or lip implants. READ MORE

I am looking for a reputable surgeon in Bethesda, MD who performs Permalip implants. How much would it cost? (Photo)

Please let me know a general price quote and how far out your consults are being booked out. READ MORE

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