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What is PermaLip Lip Augmentation?

Seeking fuller lips. tired of injections that dont last. what is permalip, is it safe, how much does it cost? READ MORE

How Can I Get Permanent Plumped Lips?

I am tired of getting restyaln injections for my lips...what works to get permenent lip plumping? READ MORE

Safe Permanent Lip Filler on the Market Today?

I am looking to get my lips enhanced via a filler but I'm not really sure how safe this is. Can anyone advise if I'm able to get a permanent lip... READ MORE

Verafil Vs. Permalip - Which Lip Implant is Better?

I'm wondering which lip implant is better, Verafil or Permalip? Does one look and feel more natural? I'm looking for a permanent solution for lip... READ MORE

What Could I Do with my Lips? (photo)

My lips have always kind of bothered me so I've decided to take the plunge but what exactly could I do and price range? As you can see they are a bit... READ MORE

Softform Vs Ultrasoft Implants for Permanent Lip Augmentation?

I have had my lips injected with several different temporary fillers and enjoyed the look that they achieved for a while. But I am curious about... READ MORE

What's Best for Permanent Lip Augmentation?

In six months, I've spent $2400 on hyaluronic acid fillers. It seems it is only lasting 2 months. At the cost of $2400 in 6 months on fillers, makes... READ MORE

Permanent Lip Enhancement - What Are my Options?

I want to get my lips done but I want something permanent or at least something that will last for awhile but I'm worried about everything looking and... READ MORE

Can I Have my Goretex Lip Implant Removed?

I had gore-tex implant put in my upper lip 6 years ago. I'd like to have it removed. Will most certified, reputable plastic surgeons be able to do... READ MORE

Permalip Or My Own Fat For The Most Permanent Luscious Lips?

Hello ! I desire to have luscious lips, but I research a permanent solution, because I desire to have a permanent lipstick and my lips must remain... READ MORE

How Reversible Are Lip Implants?

I'm considering Lip implants. My mouth is small to begin with, and my lips -- especially upper -- are thin. I'm 57, so they're thinning... READ MORE

Alternative Option to Permanent Lip Augmentation?

What is the best alternative to permanent (or as at least LONG TERM) Lip Augmentation? $500 for Juvederm every 4 mos, and the pain and bruising is... READ MORE

Is the PermaLip Implant a Good "Stealth" Surgery? Can I Hide It from my Husband, or Will He Feel It? (photo)

I have a consultation to get the PermaLip implant in January, and my husband does not know about it. How many days should I plan on 'disappearing'... READ MORE

Lip Implant Options

What are my choices when it comes to lip imlants that are permanent. READ MORE

Lip Implants - Can They Be a Permanent Solution?

Due to receding gums, my upper lip area is sinking in and I wish I could have the fullness I once had. Will implants help? My dentist told me that... READ MORE

Mouth Too Narrow for Lip Implants - Only 4 Centimeters from End to End

I'm 30. My mouth is only 40mm corner to corner. I want Permalip implants but their smallest size is 55mm long, which I can't use because it... READ MORE

Saline Lip Implants Information

Are saline lip implants available? How much are they, and are they offered at a medical schools? Thanks. READ MORE

What is the Best Lip Implant Brand?

I've heard of Gore-tex , Advanta , Evera and Surgisil PermaLip. What are the differences between all of them? READ MORE

What Size of Permalip Implants Would Be Best for Me?

I have been thinking about getting permalip implants in both my upper and lower lip but I am unsure of what size to get. My lips are a little bit... READ MORE

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