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Bad Permalip Result - How to Fix Lip Implant Gone Wrong?

Hello. I had a lip augmentation with Permalip two months ago. The problem is that the implant in my inferior lip seems to be placed further forward in... READ MORE

I Was Given the Wrong Size Permalip Implant, Now What? (photo)

I wanted fuller lips with a larger cupids bow, so I decided on permalip implants. I asked for the largest size, but was given the medium size. The... READ MORE

Is the Amount of Swelling I'm Experience One Day Post PermaLip Implants Normal? (photo)

I had PermaLip implants placed yesterday with a reputable doctor who had great results with his other patients, everything went great and I've had no... READ MORE

How Long After PermaLip Before I Can out in Public? (photo)

I had my implants yesterday. I understand that it will be a long time before the swelling is gone, but how long will it be before I can go out of the... READ MORE

Reversing a Verafil Lip Implant

I recently had Verafil lip enhancement (about 3 weeks ago). After 6 days I noticed that when I smiled I had a crooked smile and on the same side I... READ MORE

Lopsided Surgisil Lip Implants

I had Surgisil lip implants 11 days ago. The top one has moved over to one side. My doctor wants to wait a month before fixing it. I'm concerned... READ MORE

Help, I'm so scared, sad and regretful. Have I butchered my lips for life by getting the Permalip implant? Scar tissue? (photos)

When it was placed I had a huge amount of bruising in one spot. My dr had to pull and tug really hard on that one spot to get the implant through. But... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of my Upper Lip Horizontal Smile Wrinkle? (photo)

3.5 months ago I had Surgisil Lip Implants placed into both my upper and lower lips. I had been getting filler in my lips for about 2 years and I... READ MORE

Can I stretch my lips after 6 months to try to widen my smile or am I wasting my time? Please see detailed question

I've had the permalip implants. Luv them but I didn't do as much stretching exercises as I should have. Now when I smile it looks weird. The corners... READ MORE

Migrating Surgisil Implants

How can I stop Surgisil implants from migrating toward the corner of my mouth? When does the 'pocket' they are in heal? READ MORE

Looking for Specialist to Remove Gore-tex Lip Implants in the Los Angeles Area

I had the gore-tex strands put into my lips around 8 years ago. They are very hard and my upper lip is too large. I desperately need a specialist to... READ MORE

Will my Scar Band After Lip Augmentation Relax?

I am 5 weeks post-op on an upper and lower lip augmentation and am starting to have concerns. I have had a very full smile that I no longer can... READ MORE

Permalip implant migrating 10 months after procedure? (photo)

My lower implant was placed crooked. I learned to live with it. In the past 2-3 weeks suddenly have noticed the tip has moved up to the mustache area.... READ MORE

Will I have scar tissue after the removal of my Permalip implant? If so, is injecting hyaluronic filler into scar tissue safe?

I am getting my Permalip implant removed. It did not augment my lip to my desired size and I'd prefer hyaluronic acid injections. My question is, will... READ MORE

12 Years After Gore-tex Implant in Upper Lips, I'm Unhappy. What Are My Options?

I Need Help and Can't Find a Doctor Who Can Answer Me Honestly.  I Have a  Gortex  Implant in my upper lip. I had it done like... READ MORE

Can I remove 5mm Permalip upper lip implant? Worried my lips won't look right. Considering lip lift.

Across the centre top of the lip, where the cupid's bow is, the volume sits inside the lip border, then it protrudes out either side of the lips... READ MORE

Perma Lip Implants On Top Of Existing Implants?

I can get another permalip implant if I currently have an implant in? I want my lips fuller READ MORE

Distorted lip after injection while I had an implant? Is there ANY danger to getting filler after removal of Permalip? (photos)

5mm implant placed in upper lip. Added syringe of filler to lip with the implant in, & it made the lip distorted.Why? Is it bent? Should I get implant... READ MORE

I Have my Permalip Implant in but Still Not Happy with the Size of the Lips?

Wanted to ask what other augmentation can be matched with permalip implant without taking it out. READ MORE

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