1 Week Post-op + Lip Implants

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Can any doctor explain how the lips heal after Permalip removal?

I had Permalip implants in for 1 month and had them removed last Friday (1 week ago). There doesn't seem to be any information on recovering from... READ MORE

1 week post op 4mm, top only, Permalip implant and the middle of my lip is still swollen and turned upward. Is this normal?

I iced for the first 48 hours and now I ice about 2-3 times a day. The swelling isn't symmetrical, it's mostly in the middle, but more on the... READ MORE

When will permalip feel natural? (Photo)

I had a permalip implant in my upper lip done. I had literaly no upper lip before and I like the way it looks, but the feeling is terrible! I am on my... READ MORE

7 days post op, permalip sticking through skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, Day 7 of my permalip and my implant is sticking out as in the picture, it is so close to my skin that i feel it will rip right through. The... READ MORE

Permalip 5 mm (upper lip) (6 days post-op), follow up appointment 2 weeks- right side feels much harder, left corner feels soft.

I know it's early days, but I can't really figure out where the ends of the implant are. 1) If the implant is displaced to the right, can it be... READ MORE

Lip Implant - covering upper teeth?

5 days post Permalip implant, and now when i talk/ smile, i can't see my upper teeth! I hate it. Will this resolve? READ MORE

How soon after the implants is it safe to workout?

I got my implants approx 6 days ago, and I want to go back to crossfit today, is it really bad or potentially dangerous? If so, then when is the... READ MORE

Permalip, final results? (Photo)

I was wondering How long it takes to see the final permanent results of the permalip procedure. I like the size of them now and I am one week post op.... READ MORE

My lips are totally swollen can it be from the lip implants. (photos)

I had reaction to adhesive tape put on steroid ointment. I had implants put in 8 days ago had a reaction to the adhesive tape took benadryl for... READ MORE

Freaking out for hit my permalip incision site, could I have caused any damage?

Hello I'm freaking out because a fork hit the corner of my mouth where my incision site for my perma lip implant was inserted. There was no bleeding i... READ MORE

I tweezed lip hairs after permalip, could I have ripped my stitches?

Hello I am 8 days post op from perma lip implant surgery. Above my lip not on the surgical site I was plucking a few hair did the light pulling of the... READ MORE

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