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When lip injections wear off, will your lips look more wrinkled and deflated from being stretched out?

I really want lip injection but I'm worried that if i didn't keep up with them they'd look worse than before. Do the lips look the same as before... READ MORE

Does Lip Augmentation Cause Mouth Wrinkles?

I heard getting restylane, collegen, or juvaderm injections to make the lips bigger cause mouth wrinkles after a while? after it goes away? READ MORE

Can Lip Injections Cause Lip Wrinkles?

My family doctor told me not to get them because as time goes by the skin around my lips will lose elasticity. Is this true?   READ MORE

What is the best treatment or procedure for removing deep wrinkles on the upper lip?

Is there a permament solution to this and which procedure is the most effect and long lasting? READ MORE

Recently Discontinued Having Lips Filled and Now Have Lip Wrinkles, Will These Smooth Out?

So I am 24, and have now decided to go back to my smaller lips, because I dont want to have to go in every 6 months for the rest of my life. Its been... READ MORE

Lower lip protrusion and chin that wrinkles up (Photo)

My lower lip has always sticked out more than my upper lip. I recently got braces and my orthodontist said that I had a short upper lip and that I... READ MORE

How do I best treat lip wrinkles? (Photo)

I am only 32 but I am starting to see lines in my upper lips. My mother and grandmother both have prominent lip wrinkles and my whole life I have... READ MORE

Will lip filler benefit me ??? (photos)

I have thin flat lips and they always look dry and wrinkly no matter what i use. will lip fillers benefit me.I heard that not all people with thin... READ MORE

My lips have two colors, is there a home remedy to fix this? (photos)

My upper lips have two colours, dry, dark, wrinkly skin on top of the upper lips and pink on the bottom of the upper lips, and the same problem is... READ MORE

Treatment options for: Lip volume/fullness loss; sagging/wrinkles around mouth; skin discoloration. (photos)

Hello, I am a 73 year old woman and I am very unhappy with my lip fullness and all of the sagging and wrinkles around my mouth. I would love to have... READ MORE

My upper lip is unnaturally wrinkled. Are there any treatments for it? Cosmetic or natural. Thank you. (photos)

My upper lip is unnaturally wrinkled. I've started to get self conscious about it and have been noticing people's lips lately. I noticed that it is... READ MORE

My lips are wrinkly and shaped weird. I'm only fourteen! Any suggestions? (photos)

I don't know why they are like this but it really sucks. All my friends have nice perfect smooth lips and mine are all horrible and uneven. I put on... READ MORE

Deep lip lines in the upper lip

I have sun damaged skin, never smoked and have deep wrinkles in my upper lip. I have tried Botox and fillers. Fillers make me look like a muppet. Is... READ MORE

Teosyal caused 'balls' on my lips. What's a good alternative?

Used lip filler teosyal kiss but made 'balls' to my lips instead of taking away small wringles inside lips. Which lip filler you reccomend to avoid this? READ MORE

Will the new wrinkles around my mouth go away , when the swelling from lip injections go down? (photos)

Hello Dr.'s, I had lip injections in my top lip yesterday. They are very swollen this morning, which I know is normal. They are also turned upwards... READ MORE

I would like to fill my lips a little. Will it change the shape of my lips? (Photo)

Will it change my shape of my lips? And smooth out wrinkles on my lips? How much would I need? READ MORE

What surgery would be ideal for lowering my lips? (photos)

I hate how much my teeth show, especially when smiling. Whenever I try to close my mout my chin looks weird and wrinkley. I like the way my looks when... READ MORE

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