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Ice then Shower Causing Pain After Lip Injections. What's Going On?

I am so scared please help. my lips was fine after 3-4 hours they started swollen and painfull. READ MORE

Round Lumps Same Day After Lip Fillers, Should I Worry? Permanent?

I am a total worryer, I have had lip fillers (only today) but I can feel round lumps or nodules under my upper lip. I do have bruising understandably... READ MORE

Can Lip Injections Cause Paralysis?

I read a story on this site that this lady got lip injections and ended up with paralysis.Is this possible and what could prevent this from possibly... READ MORE

How long will new bruising last? Should I be worried? Is this going to affect my results or be something permanent?

Embarrassing but my boyfriend was too rough kissing me. Seconds later I noticed my lip turn dark purple w/ a ball on top. This is my first time w/... READ MORE

Concern of look of lips after fillers. (photos)

I had lip fillers done today. Around 6 hours later and they have got bigger therefore more swelling, bruising, very tender and sore. I am worried how... READ MORE

Follow up - Juvederm lip fillers, Boise, ID?

In my previous post I said I was having a hard time finding the right place to go to for juvederm lip injections. I have found a few board certified... READ MORE

Have my lip fillers gone wrong? (Photos)

I got my lips injected yesterday with the Princess filler and I'm very happy how they look, but I have two big hard "bubbles" on my lower lips. They... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid lip injection. (photos)

6 yr. ago I tried a lip augm. with a filler based on hyal. acid.I was satisfied with a result,but the effect lasted only 8 months.I came back to dr.... READ MORE

Swelling and bent lip shape with swelling to upper lip and nostril area after fillers yesterday. Is this normal? (photo)

I had lip fillers top lip appears to be bent. Looking at my nostrils they also seem like i have swelling. Is this all normal? I am so... READ MORE

How can I change the shape of my lips but not volume? (Photos)

How can I change the shape of my lips but not volume. A little volume is okay but so many lip injections I've seen look very fake. Here are my lips... READ MORE

Uneven lips after augmentation - advice needed! (Photo)

I had lip augmentation over a month and half ago. I found as a result, lips ended up looking crooked, so I went for correction and doctor put more in... READ MORE

Frenectomy, lip injections, or both? Worried that getting them done will make the crease worse. (photo)

Hello I want to get my lips done but have a crease above my upper lip when I smile. What would you recommend? Thank you in advance :) READ MORE

Does my swelling after lip fillers mean I shouldn't have them again? (Photos)

I was told my a new doctor today after looking at my photos from three previous lip augs that I was a "sweller" and clearly getting odema after... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation uneven after 3 Months, what can I do? (photos)

Hey all, I've been getting Lip injections for two years straight now. Since my 18th Birthday I've been getting them and I NEVER had any problems until... READ MORE

How to describe desired top lip shape? I'm getting lip fillers soon (1ml). (Photo)

I know I would like a little in the centre of my bottom lip + more in my top to balance it out. I'd like more volume to lift & pout like. I'm worried... READ MORE

One side of my lip is lower than the other. (Photos)

I went to the doctors when this happened and they said it could be muscle related or related to my jaw if it has moved. It has been a few months and I... READ MORE

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