Widen + Lip Augmentation

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Is It Possible to Make my Mouth Wider? (photo)

I would like to have my mouth appear wider. My lips are quite thin and they often look odd paired with my large cheeks and nose. What kind of... READ MORE

Lip Fillers for a Small Mouth? (photo)

I have always wanted bigger fuller lips but Im worried that the size of my mouth is too small and it will make me look strange. Is it possible to some... READ MORE

Procedure for Small Mouth Opening

I have a small mouth opening and I would like my lips to be wider--not thicker. I hear about Lip lifts to make upper lip look fuller but I've never... READ MORE

Is the V/y Lip Enlargement a Good Solution when Wanting a "Wider" Upper Lip.

I would like a wider upper lip and have tried fat injections and temporary fillers which I have not been satisfied with in the long term, and fat... READ MORE

I Would Like to Have a Bigger Mouth, Which Surgery Would Give Me That? (photo)

I dont know if its only the lips that could get bigger, and thus its a bigger mouth. Or the actual size of the mouth can get bigger. Nevertheless, I... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my mouth wider and lips fuller? (Photo)

I really dislike the appearence of my lips/mouth. As you can see on the photo my lips kinda look sunk in but I'd like it to me more fuller and match... READ MORE

Can the Lips Be Stretched?

How far can the lips be stretched. I'm a male and my lips are narrow and plump and are not wider than my nose. They have room to stretch quite a lot... READ MORE

Would lip injections be a good option for me? Is there any way to widen your lips? (Photo)

I have a really small and thin mouth. I was considering lip injections but I'm not sure because I have a small mouth, if my lips were full my mouth... READ MORE

Will lip fillers make my mouth appear wider aswell as my lips fuller? (Photo)

So I'm very insecure about my mouth and often get told it's very small. It's also unfortunate, in my case, that I have large front teeth- and due to... READ MORE

Widening my lips? (Photo)

I'm happy with the fullness but would really feel better about my appearance if they were wider! Is it possible? I hate having the doll appearance(... READ MORE

Will lip injections widen my mouth and plump my lips? (photos)

My mouth is 45mm wide (very small) I want fuller lips, much fuller but am worried with my mouth being so small it will look unflattering. When I smile... READ MORE

Is there any surgical process for widening mouth?

Is there any surgical process for widening mouth? I have a small mouth opening. I really want to get this done with corners of my mouth raised. I've... READ MORE

Making my lips appear wider (not fuller)?

Hello, i am a 42 y\o male that looks **EXTRAMLY** young (i litterally look like im 20 years of age). i am blessed with amazing genes. but i dont like... READ MORE

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