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My Problem is My Lips are Wide in Length, is It Possible to Fix This and if It Possible How?

My Problem is Not in  Large Lips but in Wide in Length , is It Possible to Manage This and if It Possible How? I also have a long chin. Options? READ MORE

Can you make your lips wider? (photos)

My lips are quite full but I feel they aren't wide so it makes my lips look weird. Could I get a surgery that makes them bigger and wider. READ MORE

Weird indentation in upper lip/lips when I smile. How can I fix this?

As you can see, my lips are very unattractive. I have a small narrow upper lip which droops down and has a clear outline around it. When I smile, my... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Make your Mouth Wider after Lip Augmentation?

I was just curious, but specifically, is it possible to make your mouth wider after lip augmentation, or will the result absolutely be horrible after... READ MORE

Am I candidate for Lip Injections/ Tooth Bonding? Whats the best procedures for me to achieve a fuller mouth/wider smile (photo)

I've always been unhappy with my mouth shape and smile, I don't like how my corners of my lips are so thin and almost seem downturned. I also wish to... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Lips filler? (photos)

I really wanna do fill my lips and i want something noticeable ? What should i fill them with ? As pics can shown i have a big wide mouth how would it... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a wider top lip?

My top lip is very full, but is kind of short? I know, weird explanation but, my bottom lip is fuller and wider resulting in a pout. Is it possible to... READ MORE

I have narrow upper lip. I want outer sides hidden in my mouth outside and make wider upper lip. Any suggestion?

My upper lip curves like Elvis lip on both sides-like sneering when I am talking. My teeth is showing so little when I smile so it is not an option to... READ MORE

Will Lip Augmentation Improve the Appearance of my Lips from corner to corner? (photos)

Hello, I'm considering getting my lips done but the thing that concerns me is not that my lips are thin. It's just they're not wide enough... Like... READ MORE

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