Volume + Lip Augmentation

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How can I define my lip lines and cupid bow? What do you think of my lips? (Photo)

I would like to add maybe a little volume to my lips I think they are a little thin, I don't really like the shape. What would you do to make my lips... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Restore Volume in my Lip?

I was inject with artifle in ONLY ONE side of my lip, I had it removed and now my upper right side corner of my lip is deflated with no volume, How... READ MORE

Is permalip going to give me desired results? (Photo)

I know that none can tell me for sure before seeing me in person, but do you think that Permalip will give me lift of my upper lip amd volume, more... READ MORE

How much lip fillers do I need? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 22 and have been doing lip injections for a while now. I tried many brands, Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane… My favourite are Juvederm Ultra p... READ MORE

Is it possible to increase the size of my lips? What procedure would you recommend? (photos)

Two photos of my lips one photo of my brothers, I was wondering of there was a natural way I could make mine look like his, I was thinking about... READ MORE

Is this achievable with 0.5cc filler? Or should I have a full syringe? Is it realistic? (Photo)

I want more volume on my top lip, but I am unsure about how much I should do to start with. I want a bigger top lip and shorter distance between nose... READ MORE

What is the best method to treat the lack of volume in my lips? (photos)

I have always been unhappy with the way my lips look especially how they affect my side profile. I wanted to know if fillers were a good option for me... READ MORE

What are the different ways of adding volume my bottom lip without fillers? (Photo)

I've heard that getting an implant will eventually have to be removed, and my lip will look worse. READ MORE

What can be done to correct an uneven upper lip? (photos)

My upper lip has some noticeable asymmetry. I have been told that I have a vermilion volume deficiency by this site but I am curious about how I can... READ MORE

How do I get "Kylie Jenner" lips? How did she get the lip shape and volume she has now, with what she started out with? (Photo)

I have fairly thin lips and not the prettiest shape. I have been to two different doctors for injections seeking Kylie style lips but was met with... READ MORE

What can be achieved with fillers or grafts? (Photo)

What can be achieved with fillers or grafts? Will I have a nice youthful lip simply by adding volume? I have a long upper lip and a narrow mouth, a... READ MORE

Where can I find a doctor in either Orange County or LA area for Lip augmentation? Any recommendations would be helpful! (Photo)

I already have full lips but I would like to increase the volume, I have a very small scar on my left side of my lip that sometimes it looks slightly... READ MORE

What could I do to make my top lip look fuller in volume ? (photos)

What could i do to make my top lip look fuller in volume without the duck look my lips have got considerably thinner with age im 47 READ MORE

I'm not afraid of a noticeable difference. What's my best option with the longest result? (Photo)

I'm looking to gain a good amount of volume in my upper lip as well as symmetry over all in top and bottom. READ MORE

Would I benefit from lip augmentation? Would a natural result be realistic? (photos)

Hi, I have been interested in lip augmentation for close to 7 years. My lips are decent sized but lack the volume I have always desired, especially... READ MORE

What's the best option for permanent lip augmentation?

My lips are flat. I want them to roll upwards and outwards. I've heard many bad stories: Goretex implants: gets hard in time Fat injections: <20%... READ MORE

Hi. My lower lip is somehow missing a lot of volume and that bothers me a lot. Is it my muscle pulling up my lip? (photos)

Lipstick and gloss does not look good on that lip at all :-( I have tried Filorga in my lips and that did not help where the "volume" is missing. It... READ MORE

How can I change the shape of my lips but not volume? (Photos)

How can I change the shape of my lips but not volume. A little volume is okay but so many lip injections I've seen look very fake. Here are my lips... READ MORE

How could I get this result? (photos)

I am wondering if this seems like a realistic expectation? I understand there is fillers and fat grafting. Which do you think is better to straighten... READ MORE

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