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What is the Best Treatment for Lip Lines, or Lipstick Lines? (photo)

I'm a 34yr old white female. I have pale skin in the winter and I do tan in the summer. I have noticed over the past few years that my lipstick is... READ MORE

I Have Had Lip Fillers Before and is Wearing off but I Am Considering Just Getting my Vermillion Lip Line Done?

I am only twenty five and have had full lip fillers done over the past few years but was recently told if I just had my vermillion line done it would... READ MORE

How long does the vermillion border take to repair itself? (photos)

My lips were over filled last year which caused filler to be above my lip line. I had it dissolved and then refilled and the same thing seems to have... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix the misalignment and reduce these white lip scars or combine them into one lip scar? (photos)

My 2.5 year old daughter split her lip open 6 months ago and even though we had a plastic surgeon stitch her up, the vermilion border is misaligned... READ MORE

Lipline Border Still Irregular More Than 2 Years After Restylane? (photo)

Can my lipborder be fixed it still has a lumpy irregular appearance more than 2 years after restylane injection in upper lip border READ MORE

Enlarge Bottom and Top Lip W/ Implant, and Get a Cupid's Bow W/ Strong Vermillion Border, Cost? (photo)

I should mention I had fat grafting done to my cheeks (sucked from tummy, and put into cheeks) from that fat my surgeon offered to put some fat in my... READ MORE

Swelling after vermillionectomy? (photo)

I have terrible swelling after a vermillionectomy that I had two days ago.. Can I take prednisone pills for awhile to calm it down? I've tried ice,... READ MORE

Projection and Definition in my lips!! Is it possible? (Photo)

I would like to get a shorter space between my lips and nose with a more defined philtrum ridges and vermillion border. To finish I’d like some p... READ MORE

My vermilion border is fading on my lower lip from ripping my cold sore scab...

I was wondering if theres anything I can do to make this border generate? Basically my lip is connecting to my lower lip line without the border..... READ MORE

My vermillion lip surgery was botched! Is this considered medical negligence? Malpractice? (photos)

I asked and paid for a cupids bow plasty and woke up with a vermillion lip lift!!! Besides this error the surgery was a complete disaster!!! The shape... READ MORE

What procedure would be best to give me natural looking, full lips? (photos)

Upper Lip lift? Corner Lip lift? Fillers? Fat Transfer?  I'm 23 years old, and these are my issues with my lip: - Long upper lip- distance... READ MORE

Vermillion border. Any suggestions? (photos)

My lips are UGLY: my upper lip line (vermillion border) is shaped in an ugly way. Is it possible to do reconstructive surgery in order to reshape it .... READ MORE

Vermilion border and philtrum scarring caused by abrasion on upper lip; is there any possibility of correcting this? (Photo)

After an accident involving a fall in late june of 2014, my vermilion border and philtrum on the left side of my upper lip have been left permanently... READ MORE

Which lip implant size do I need? (Photo)

I am 52 years old. I have sort of wimpy thin lips and am considering a lip implant procedure. I have had my lip shape slightly altered above the... READ MORE

Can I change the drop in my upper lip?

I have a nice cupid's bow along my upper lip line but the vermillion is uneven on both sides. I'd like to do a fat transfer to correct and augment but... READ MORE

Should I get filler in my lips? (Photo)

I am 45. Just had juvederm put in nasolabial folds and though it is still swollen, i am happy so far. i have some vermillion (sp?) lines above my... READ MORE

Is it possible to reconstruct upper lip vermilion border (white roll)? (Photo)

I've lost vermilion border definition on upper lip after lip augumentation surgery. Is there is any technique available to reconstruct vermilion... READ MORE

How long does the vermillion border take to repair itself? How long should I wait between dissolving a restarting? (photos)

My lips were over filled last year using juvederm which created a bump of filler above my lip. I had the lump dissolved then waited and had a... READ MORE

Does getting the Vermillion border injected ruin the natural contour & collagen/tissue and increase wrinkling?

I had fillers in my vermillion border despite being 18 and having perfectly lined symmetrical lips. When filler has dissolved will I be left with less... READ MORE

Can I get a doctor who will restore my vermilion line, fix the asymmetry and give me normal looking ear in one stage? (photo)

Hello,I lost my upper lip and left ear on 5th of February this year after my ex boyfriend bit them off.I had them both reconstructed on 1st of march... READ MORE

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