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What Do You Think About the VY Plasty Lip Technique?

What do you think about the VY plasty technique? Is it effective? Do you have any photos of patients that have had it? READ MORE

Upper and Lower Lip V-y Plasty? Have Had Fat Transfer to Both Lips and My Upper Lips Covers My Top Teeth? (photo)

I want to know some opinions about v-y plasty.I had lip augumentations first using silicone oil(now i have 3 small granulomas in my upper lip from... READ MORE

VY lip plasty risks, benefits, how long does it last, recovery time, also will I be able to speak normally? (Photo)

I am getting a rhinoplasty next month. I am thinking about adding a vy plasty to make my lips permanently larger. I do not want injections, implants,... READ MORE

Shortened Smile After V-Y Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer - Nerve Damage? (photo)

My surgeon told me that my lips could not get fuller only with fat, but needed VY-plasty. 3 years after my smile is shorter than before, less teeth... READ MORE

Vy Lip Tissue Rearrangement?

Is there such thing as a "vy" tissue rearrangement for the upper lip without external scars to add fullness. I am not a candidate for fillers or fat. READ MORE

Asymmetrical Lip Post Surgery, Will It Keep Changing?

I had a dermal graft and v-y advancement to help give my ^ lip a symmetrical appearance due to a minor cleft lip. I have been patient but it has been... READ MORE

Is the V/y Lip Enlargement a Good Solution when Wanting a "Wider" Upper Lip.

I would like a wider upper lip and have tried fat injections and temporary fillers which I have not been satisfied with in the long term, and fat... READ MORE

Which Lip Augmentation procedure would be best for natural looking results: Bullhorn or V-Y? (photo)

I have thin lips, but do not like the look of fillers. I don't want duck lips either. I seem to have too much of a gap between my nose and top lip.... READ MORE

Can Lip Lift and V-y Lip Be Done Together After One Anothet?(seperately but Two of Them)

I am planing to get my lips done but I dont want to undergo any procedure which will require a retreatment.Can I have both v-y lip and lip lift... READ MORE

What are my options for lip enhancement to reduce excess tooth show? (photo)

Hello, I know that most people get lip procedures done to increase tooth show, but in my case, I'd like to decrease it. I have not had lip work done... READ MORE

How Easy Are V-Y Augmentations Reversed?

I had a minor cleft lip so I know this changes everything. However, my issue is about lip tension from side to side, ie. the distance between cupid's... READ MORE

V-Y lip enhancement... is it worth it?

I've read several people reporting permanent numbness after getting it done. Is this common after this procedure? I would like lip enhancement. will... READ MORE

Would V-Y lip augmentation/ lip lift affect nose job?

I wanted to get both procedures done but, with separate doctors: which should I get done first? Also, could I conservatively get the v-y and then get... READ MORE

How long is the recovery period after a v-y plasty for the upper lip?

I'very already had a lip lift, what will the recovery be like in comparison? More or less swelling? Thank you READ MORE

Upper lip V-y plasty, persistent pocket of inflammation not improving. How long will it take to resolve? Will massaging it help?

Hi, I had the v-y plasty procedure 3 weeks ago. The lip swelling has gone down and I'm happy with the increased lipline, but there is lumpy... READ MORE

What's the best way to reduce extreme swelling after v-y plasty on the upper lip?

Hi, can you please offer suggestions on how to reduce the extreme swelling on the upperlip? I am now on day 4, I've continued to ice the area. Should... READ MORE

Lip V-Y Plasty. Does it only increase the middle portion of the lips or all over?

V-Plasty - Does it only increase the middle portion of the lips or all over? How many mm do you think my lips will increase with this procedure? How... READ MORE

V-Y flap lower lip. How do you decide where to make the incisions?

This is not commonly used technique in my country. I am not able to find well practiced operater guess I need to orient the doctor with my wishes,... READ MORE

Alloderm, fat transfer V-Y plasty or permalip?

These four procedures seem to be the safe permanent solution to thin lips. What are the pros and cons of each of them? Thank you READ MORE

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