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Which lip filler is better - Teoxane Teosyal Kiss or Restylane? (photo)

Hi. I have used (been injected with) Teoxane Teosyal Kiss 3 times in the past , and now I have the opportunity to use Restylane. Can you tell me which... READ MORE

What Type of Lip Enhancing Procedure is Best for Me? (photo)

I'm not satisfied with the way my upper lip appears. The cupids bow area needs to be heightened, & the left/right sides of my lips are very thin.... READ MORE

What fillers do you think celebrities like Megan Fox and Lana Del rey use for their lips? (photo)

Their lips obviously have gotten bigger and people do suspect them of lip augmentation, but Lana denies it (im a fan of hers hence the username)... READ MORE

What lip augmentation procedure has this model had done? (photo0

This is an Internet model who has undergone major lip augmentation and re shaping. It appears to be permanent since her lips looked the same for a... READ MORE

What Kind of Filler/Implant Should I Get to Enhance the Shape of my Lips?

I have thin lips and I don't like the shape. Will Restylane solve the problem or do I need to get an implant? Do lip implants and fillers have the... READ MORE

How Many Syringes of Filler Would Give Me my Desired Lips? (photo)

Also what filler would your recommend? I'm concerned with how flat my lips look and would like a more pouty look. READ MORE

Perlane or Juverderm 4 for Lips?

I have used Restylane and normall Juvederme Ultra; unfortunately they both never lasted longer than 4 weeks!!! I am off back in search of fillers;... READ MORE

How can I find out what filler was used for my lip enhancement? How can I reduce the size of my lips? Costs? (photo)

On May 18, 2010 I went to Colombia to get a breast augmentation and lip enhancement. I am very pleased with the results and had no complications... READ MORE

What type of Lip Augmentation would give me fuller lips with more pink area (photos)?

I am wanting to get my lips done. I am considering VY plasty, Juvederm, lip lift, etc. I would like my lips to be a lot fuller and have more pink area... READ MORE

What type of lip filler will I need to achieve fuller lips and how much lip filler per lip? Would I need a lip lift? (photos)

I have always wanted bigger and fuller lips, mine are very thin. I want temporary to see how they would look. READ MORE

Would lip filler help my lips? (Photo)

Hi,I'm looking to have lip augumtation. What type of filler has the longest lasting results I could benefit from best?I love the look of pouty, and... READ MORE

How much/what type of lip injections should I get? (photo)

I would like them to look bigger, but I want it to be relatively subtle. I'd also really like to even out my upper lip, as it looks thin. I know... READ MORE

What kind of lip filler would you recommend? (photo)

I really hate my mouth, I have no definition and lipstick looks terrible on me. I feel like the skin above my lip gets kind of wrinkled when I talk. Help! READ MORE

What kind of lip enhancement would be best for me? (Photo)

I have very thin lips and want to make them fuller without making them too full. I don't want my lips to look too unnatural / too big for my face, nor... READ MORE

Different types of lip fillers? How much does it typically cost to get them done?

Hello doctors! How much does it typically cost to get your lips done? I live in San diego ... not lip implants .. Fillers, I know there's different... READ MORE

What type of surgery would I need for my lip? (photos)

I had in injury about a year ago i split my lip when i fell down in a glass bottle i had to get it sowed and am tryna fix my lip back to normal READ MORE

My upper lip hangs over my top row of teeth. Any type of treatment I can get that'll give me a normal smile? (Photo)

I am super self conscious about my smile. I am going into orthodontic treatment to fix gaps in my teeth and I want to finish the job by treating my... READ MORE

What procedures are available to achieve these types of lips permanently? (Photo)

I've asked this question before but the responses I got where that the photo was photoshopped and had make up. So here's a picture of what I want... READ MORE

What type(s) of lip lift would you recommend for me? (Photos)

Hello, I want to get a lip lift done in the future but currently cannot due to being unemployed, etc. The bottom of my nose to top of upper lip... READ MORE

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