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Getting Lip Injections Without "Duck Look"?

My top lip bearly shows.Im very self consious about it.Ive provided a picture of my lips.How would I archieve getting full lips with out the... READ MORE

How Good Does It Work a Lip Lowering for Gummy Smile? is Better Than a Maxillary Surgery?

I'm a 24 year old woman, I've been looking for the best procedure to correct my gummy smile, I think my teeth are big enough so maybe a laser... READ MORE

Can Lip Fillers B Used to Lift the Cupid's Bow and Top Lip?

Hi. I am wondering whether lip filers can be used to lift the top lip - to not only add volume, but lift the cupid's bow and philtrum. READ MORE

Possible to Make Upper Lip Bigger and Mouth Wider?

My top lip is really small. also my mouth from left to right is small. Is there a procedure to fix these two problems? READ MORE

Had lip filler 3 days ago. I have hard lumps and an uneven duck mouth. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had lip filler to my top lip to contour and fill on 8th October it's now 11th is this normal result I have 3 hard lumps under my top lip and feel... READ MORE

Top lip over hangs effecting smile (Photo)

My middle top lip over hangs my bottom lip. when i try to smile it covers my top teeth, i have just recently had my braces removed and i thought it... READ MORE

Best doctor in NYC for lip augmentation? (Photo)

I have braces which is coming off in two months. The teeth were pushed back 6mm+ due to an extraction pushed by my ortho. As a result my top lip has... READ MORE

My top lip looks like a beak. How can I fix it? (Photo)

People always say that I look like I have a beak. To me it's not that attractive and I don't know how to fix it. Would I just get injections or... READ MORE

Is there surgery to reduce my philtrum therefore lifting my top lip to make it bigger? (photo)

My top lip is thin but when I lift my philtrum slightly under my nose my top lip goes bigger. So in fact I do have a larger top lip but seems to be... READ MORE

After getting a denture top lip is smaller. What's the best option?

I have had full lips my entire life naturally. Since getting a denture my upper lip is much smaller than my bottom lip which is still full (only got a... READ MORE

I am young, but I look old and tired! What can I do? (Photo)

31 years old and have noticed a drastic change in my face. I take good care of my skin but I think all my adventures are catching up to me! Upper lip... READ MORE

Can I get injections to fix small dents and depressions caused by cleft lip scars?

I was relatively lucky that although I had a bilateral cleft lip, everything came together quite nicely and I actually have pretty full lips. My... READ MORE

What are these two bumps on my upper lip? (Photo)

I have no medical history as far as stds are concerned. I do however have a current battle with acne & I was wondering was that the cause of these two... READ MORE

Can I change my top lip to look more like Taylor Hills top lip? (photos)

My top lip is more full than my bottem lip and it juts out. It also droops and causes my appearance to look sad. I was wondering if I could have a... READ MORE

My upper lip protrudes. What can I do about it? (Photo)

Sir I think my upper lip is very fatty. Sir tell me how to treat it. It looks very ugly. READ MORE

Lip injections to improve profile and lip symmetry? (Photo)

I'm considering getting lip injections (especially in the top lip which is less fuller than the bottom) also the left top lip is a little lower than... READ MORE

What is recommended to fix my turtle lips? (Photo)

The middle part of my top lip is thicker and sticks out quite a bit. It points down kind of like a turtle :( what can I do to make my pout more... READ MORE

Is this achievable with 0.5cc filler? Or should I have a full syringe? Is it realistic? (Photo)

I want more volume on my top lip, but I am unsure about how much I should do to start with. I want a bigger top lip and shorter distance between nose... READ MORE

Top lip done yesterday, injected with a full syringe. Why is it swollen and badly bruised?

I also have a small lump which I have been massaging however will all this calm down? I only wanted a half a syringe but was advised that 1syringe... READ MORE

Lip enhancement - minor plumping of top lip. 24 years old female. What is the best filler for this type of thing? (Photo)

I'm a 24yo female looking to enhance my top lip. I want to try something temporary and safe, in case it throws out the balance of my face or my... READ MORE

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