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Is It Possible to Make my Mouth Wider? (photo)

I would like to have my mouth appear wider. My lips are quite thin and they often look odd paired with my large cheeks and nose. What kind of... READ MORE

I Have Very Thin Lips, What Are My Options? (photo)

I want to get a natural look, but I have very thin lips and a small mouth. What filler should I choose? I'm 23 years old READ MORE

How to Get Full Lips Like Megan Fox?

If you are starting out with a very thin top lip could you still get results like Megan Fox or do you already need a slightly full lip? I want fuller... READ MORE

Possible Improving Thin Upper Lip with a Natural Look? (photo)

I have a very thin upper lip.However I have the pink part of my upper lip not showing.I want to get my lips done but I want a very natural look. I... READ MORE

What Prodecure Will Plump Up Thin Lip?

I have been researching lip augmentation. However, the before and after pictures are disappointing me. It seems to me that there is not a major... READ MORE

What Can Be Done Permanently About my Thin Upper Lip? (photo)

I'm looking for a permanant solution for my very thin upper lip. Is it even possible for me to have a fuller upper lip? READ MORE

Small, Thin Lips

My lips are very thin, and my top lip is almost nonexistent. My top lip is also rather pointed at the top, and seems to curl under on one side too.... READ MORE

How to Reduce the Thickness of my Lips?

I have a habit of taking off the dead skin off my lips and now i facing a terrible thing which is my lips is very thick. I have been searching for... READ MORE

Can Lip Injections Cause Upper Lip to Cover Teeth While Smiling?

I have a very thin upper lip and I'm considering getting lip injections.However I'm quite worried that my upper lip when smiling will cover my... READ MORE

What is Best for Thin Lips: Need Help!

I have thin lips an want them done this month. I've been lookin online an can't seem to figure out whats best. Please help someone. i live in... READ MORE

I Want a Thin Upper Lip. What Are My Options?

I'm 18 years old. my upper lip is very big. i really sad about it. can i have any surgery for make my upper lip thin? READ MORE

What is the Best Permanent Solution to Getting Angelina Jolie Lips? (photo)

I have always had small lips, and am now looking to possibly change that. I won't be able to for another 10 months or so, but I am looking for a... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer and Systemic Scleroderma?

Hi! I've been diagnosed with systemic scleroderma and my lips are very thin. I never had particlarly full lips anyway and now they have nearly... READ MORE

Upper Lip Augmentation: Kissable, Long-lasting and Change my Shape? (photo)

I think that I want an HA from reading on RealSelf and in my upper lip only. I have read varying answers to how long these will last; some said up to... READ MORE

Recommend a Type of Augmentation for Thin Lips?

Will having a lip augmentation improve the overall appearance of the face for someone with really thin lips and wants a fuller more even look. What... READ MORE

My mouth is very small not like thin lips but my mouth is small and I need to find out how to fix that?

As an artist I know that the corners of your mouth should line up to your pupils roughly so as an artist I know my mouth is way too small and it has... READ MORE

Would a Lip Lift Achieve the Look I Want? (photo)

Hi, I am a 20 year old female that is lacking confidence due to my thin lips. It makes my face seem out of proportion and I really strive to sort this... READ MORE

Is permanent lip augmentation worth it?

Is permanent lip augmentation worth it? I have thin lips and have been told when I smile they disappear and also when kissing a girl once she said it... READ MORE

How to enlarge really thin lips? (photos)

Would you please suggest the procedure for my lips (photo attached) to have this result (photo attached)? I am looking for something permanent. Thank... READ MORE

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