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Best doctor in NYC for lip augmentation? (Photo)

I have braces which is coming off in two months. The teeth were pushed back 6mm+ due to an extraction pushed by my ortho. As a result my top lip has... READ MORE

Why do I have two lumps inside my upper lip after lips augmentation? (photos)

I naturally have thin lips, just over two years ago I had juvederm injection done, results were horrilbe as I had the duck look. Somehow my lips never... READ MORE

Can I give my top lip more shape and definition? (photos)

My top lip is thin and asymmetrical. It seems uneven and just shapeless. I'm going to get lip injections but I want to know if my top lip will look... READ MORE

What type of lip filler will I need to achieve fuller lips and how much lip filler per lip? Would I need a lip lift? (photos)

I have always wanted bigger and fuller lips, mine are very thin. I want temporary to see how they would look. READ MORE

Male, with an uneven upper lip. Any suggestions? (photo)

The upper lip is uneven, both when closed and when I'm smiling; the right half does not go up as far as the left, and it also looks much thinner when... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend to give my bottom lip a feminine pout rather than a long, inverted appearance? (photo)

When my mouth is open and rested, it looks awkwardly shaped, and very male-like. When my mouth is closed and rested, it looks thin, long, and... READ MORE

How much/what type of lip injections should I get? (photo)

I would like them to look bigger, but I want it to be relatively subtle. I'd also really like to even out my upper lip, as it looks thin. I know... READ MORE

Which type of lip augmentation procedure would be best? (Photo)

Hi, I have a relatively thin upper lip in comparison to my lower and wanted to do something about it- whether it be injections, fat transplant, or... READ MORE

What surgery would fill in the cupids bow on my lips?

I have full lips, but a really prominent cupids bow as well. I know that the bow makes them look much thinner, which I don't like! And I love the... READ MORE

How can I make my top lip fit my bottom? (photo)

My top lip is a better awkward looking, it's hard to tell but I can see my right side of my lip is slightly thinner than the left, and my top lip... READ MORE

Why is my top lip so thin? (Photos)

When I smile my top lip gets extremely thin and it makes my smile look odd. Is there any way to fix this without Botox or implants or anything... READ MORE

What would you recommend to achieve my dream lips? (photos)

For my entire life (20 years) I've always had 2 major insecurities with my lips. The top lip is too thin & dips over my front teeth, & the corners of... READ MORE

I am a man in his fifties. I have found the area between my nose and upper lip has grown and that my upper lip has thinned.

Can something be done to reduce the area between my nose and upper lip? Is upper lip disappearance caused by the growth of this area (that forces the... READ MORE

Which lip procedure will my small, thin mouth/lips benefit from? (Photo)

I have a very small mouth in compared to my other features on my face and I hate it.I tried Juvedurm but it goes away after 1 week, is there anything... READ MORE

Top lip becomes thin when I smile - which product? (Photo)

Hi, I am happy with my natural lip shape as well as the fullness in my bottom lip, however I feel as if my top lip is not big enough. When I smile it... READ MORE

Will Lip Augmentation Improve the Appearance of my Lips from corner to corner? (photos)

Hello, I'm considering getting my lips done but the thing that concerns me is not that my lips are thin. It's just they're not wide enough... Like... READ MORE

My lips are too large. Is there a natural way to make them thinner?

N if there is no option n only operation than wat would be the cost READ MORE

Why can't you see my teeth when I smile? (Photos)

When I smile my mouth is very thin and it looks bad. I don't have thin lips they are regular size but when I smile they look thin. What is something I... READ MORE

Options to enhance thin upper lip & minimize distance between nose and mouth? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I am unhappy with my thin upper lip and the distance between my nose and mouth, which is 1.5 cm. My front teeth show slightly when part... READ MORE

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