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What Options Are Available for Temporary Lip Plumping? Don't Want Injections. Could a Laser Do It?

I'm getting married in 2 months and am wondering what options are available for TEMPORARY lip plumping. Seeking the look of ever-so-slightly swollen... READ MORE

Best Lip Filler Options?

Hello! I have medium sized lips and would like them to be a little fuller. I am a fan of Adriana Lima's lips if that helps for a visual of what I want... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Lip Post Surgery, Will It Keep Changing?

I had a dermal graft and v-y advancement to help give my ^ lip a symmetrical appearance due to a minor cleft lip. I have been patient but it has been... READ MORE

Lip enhancement - minor plumping of top lip. 24 years old female. What is the best filler for this type of thing? (Photo)

I'm a 24yo female looking to enhance my top lip. I want to try something temporary and safe, in case it throws out the balance of my face or my... READ MORE

I Had Lip Injection in Colombia. I Was Told It Was Temporary Fillers but Yrs Later I Still Have Them? (photo)

Is there anything I can do since I dont even know what they had used as filler?im assuming it is permanent since after 2yrs I still have them READ MORE

Fillers for XL lip augmentation? (photo)

I know I've asked about lip augmentation but I might not have been too clear with what I want. I am wanting a filler that can give larger result (tad... READ MORE

What is the best form of lip augmentation that can help me to achieve fuller but also natural looking lips. (Photos)

My lips are a decent size but I want them to be fuller. I do not want permanent results something that will only last a few months at most. I also... READ MORE

Can someone please explain what is this lip mask? (photos)

Can someone please explain what is this lip mask? I had it twice this year already and I dont understand whats causing it. Please give me some kind of... READ MORE

Regular cross linked filler( emervel in my case) for temporary lip augmentation?

My doctor uses a regular cross linked filler, emervel, for temporary lip augmentation, and says they work like the ones that the producer recommends... READ MORE

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