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Why does my mouth go to the side when I talk or smile? (photos)

For the past 3 days my bottom lip has been going to the side when i speak, smile, or laugh. What could be the cause of it? READ MORE

How can i fix my top lip that moves to the right side when i talk?

When ever I talk or pressing my lips together my top lip moves to the right side of my mouth. I am very self-conscious about my lips, i hate talking... READ MORE

What Happens if I Talked After Lip Reduction?

Its been two weeks since my surgery . and my upper lip is tight and so sometimes when people make jokes . i would try not to laugh but sometimes i... READ MORE

How to fix left lower lip that cannot pull down (diagonally to left), and crooked mouth when talking/smiling? (photos)

Hi. My problem is that my mouth is severely crooked when I talk or smile. My left lower lip does not pull down like the right. I am guessing there is... READ MORE

Four days after surgery and my lips are still swollen? (photos)

My doctors office said four days they wouldn't be bruised or swollen anymore.. But this is not the case I have a hard time eating, talking, chewing,... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks out of surgery and had fat grafting to lips and I look and feel ridiculous. (photo)

My upper lip is numb and doesn't even move when I talk. Can i take prednisone? What can I do to shrink? Surgeon says to wait, but I want to wait,as I... READ MORE

Can I have my old lips back?

I got my lips done yesterday and I'm not satisfied with the results. They hurt when I talk, eat or drink. I don't care if I'm not going to get the... READ MORE

Why don't my upper teeth show when I open my mouth or when I talk? (Photos)

Whenever I open my mouth my upper teeth do not show at all. They will show whenever I smile, although I don't have a very big smile. My bottom teeth... READ MORE

Bottom Lip veers to side sometime whens talking. Any suggestions? (photos)

When i talk, my bottom lip veers to the side after certain words.. It looks really weird and is embarassing. What can I do to fix this?? READ MORE

Will my crooked smile go away? (photos)

Got in pretty bad fight and it ended with my and a black eye, and after a while i realized that when i talk, the left side of my lip does not raise.... READ MORE

When can I talk after a fat implant on the lip?

Planning to get f Nasal bill and lower lip implant. When can I talk as usual. I'm a family practitioner. READ MORE

I need my lip aligned it affects eating, talking, pronunciation, I am drooling. (Photos)

My bottom lip is way off center due to soft tissue surgery preparing for dental implants. Is there anything that can be done ? READ MORE

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