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Is It Normal That I Still Have Hard Lumps on my Lips More Than 1 Month After Injection? (photo)

Hello. I'm kind of very desperate. I got lip injections about 5 weeks ago and it got VERY swollen and I look like a deformed duck now. The initial... READ MORE

Swollen Lips After Surgiderm -(photo)

Hello,yesterday i had one injection of surgiderm 24xp,i tell the doctor that i was expecting for a natural look,with a little bit of acid hyaluronic... READ MORE

Treatment of Hypertrophic Salivary Glands in Upper Lip

Best way to treat hypertrophic salivary glands in upper lip that that are more swollen then others? READ MORE

Fat Injection to Lips- How to Reduce Swelling?

I had rhinoplasty and fat injections to my lips done almost 4 weeks ago. I was very bruised and swollen because I bled a lot. My nose looks beautiful... READ MORE

Have I Got Lip Infection After Lip Filler, what Can I Do Now? (photo)

Hi In Novembery top lip only got fillers, I was in extreme agonising pain when the injection happened to the point of screaming and crying. She... READ MORE

Why is my Cupid's bow so swollen after lip filler? (photo)

I had lip filler2 days ago-my lips were very swollen and I found it hard to eat and talk.i began to ice and took Benadryl-today I can eat and talk... READ MORE

Had both my top and bottom lip done 36 hours ago the bottom looks great, the top is so swollen! Should I be worried? (photo)

I had my top and bottom lip done 2 days ago. My bottom lip is fine, doesn't hurt, not swollen, looks good. The too however hurts and is still... READ MORE

Top lip done yesterday, injected with a full syringe. Why is it swollen and badly bruised?

I also have a small lump which I have been massaging however will all this calm down? I only wanted a half a syringe but was advised that 1syringe... READ MORE

None of the Lip Fillers Last on Me - What's my Next Option?

I've tried many temporary lip fillers, 2 weeks ago I even tried fat crafting & the doc injected some of the fat into my lips. Looked swollen and... READ MORE

Any suggestions on scar revision to my upper lip? (photos)

I was bitten by a dog 16 years ago. The asymetrical lip line and swollen appearance have always bothered me. READ MORE

A full month after my lip augmentation I woke up and I am swollen again as if I just had the augmentation yesterday!

I had a lip augmentation a month ago. When i had it I had severe swelling and bruising for 4 days. Since then everything was ok. Last night, I went to... READ MORE

Swollen bruised lips after augmentation. (photo)

My lips are really bruises and swollen after the lip augmentation and they are really big.. Is this normal.. Ive been applying hot pads on them. I... READ MORE

I had lip injections on top and bottom. My upper lip is still swollen and lumpy. Is this normal?

I had lip injections on Monday 01/06/2014. My upper lip is still swollen and lumpy. Not liking them at all. Is this normal? Do I need to go back? I've... READ MORE

What is the best technique for Lip augmentation?

What is the best technique for lip augmentation? And if I chose fat grafting, how swollen for how long will my lips be? Will people be able to tell I... READ MORE

1 week post op, I can't see my teeth after lip fillers. Is this normal?

Hi I had fillers one week ago. I think I'm still swollen but when I talk it looks like i have no top teeth. My son was shocked when he saw me. He says... READ MORE

Why are the corners of my mouth swollen? (Photo)

It hasn't just become. For as long as I can remember both side are swollen. What can I do for them? I am doing face exercises. READ MORE

Any suggestions on inflamed line under bottom lip? (photos)

My borders use to be even, I have a inflamed line under my bottom lip and a little on top. The line is very tender. Had it for 2 years, doesn't go... READ MORE

I had hyaluronic acid injected into my lips a year ago very poorly. What's going on with my lips? (photo)

I had HA injected into my lips a year ago very poorly. My lips've been hardish and lumpy because the filler was injected superficially and I have... READ MORE

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