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My Left Lip Does Not Go Up when I Smile. You Cannont See my Teeth. What Do I Do?!

I am 15 years old and I have a very small mouth and I want full lips with a pretty smile. When I smile, you cannot see my teeth. My left lip does not... READ MORE

How Good Does It Work a Lip Lowering for Gummy Smile? is Better Than a Maxillary Surgery?

I'm a 24 year old woman, I've been looking for the best procedure to correct my gummy smile, I think my teeth are big enough so maybe a laser... READ MORE

How to fix my downturned mouth? (photos)

My mouth and lips do not "rest" together naturally, which means the skin on my chin is pulled and dimply which also brings the corners of my mouth... READ MORE

I Have an Asymmetric Smile. Do You Think This is Caused by my Lip Shape or Gum (photo)?

I have an asymmetrical smile. Would you reccomend to treatment to fix my lips, gums or both. I have heard that botox, cosmetic lip tattoos and gum... READ MORE

Can Lip Injections Cause Upper Lip to Cover Teeth While Smiling?

I have a very thin upper lip and I'm considering getting lip injections.However I'm quite worried that my upper lip when smiling will cover my... READ MORE

My right upper lips is slightly different then my left upper lips. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

My right upper lips is slightly bigger then my left upper lips,it's not noticeable from the far but it can b notice if you look at them closely!it... READ MORE

My Lips Do Not Meet Naturally, What Do I Need Done? Lip Lowering, Wideing, Venners...?

As you can see my lips dont meet naturally and idk what to do have this corrected. I have looked at lip lowering, connor lift and venners and even a... READ MORE

Smile Looks Fake After Lip Augmentation

I recently had Botox and fillers for my lips. I had very thin lips, but now, when I smile, my lips cover all my teeth. It has been about a week now... READ MORE

When I smile you can't see my teeth at all. What's the best way to improve this? (Photo)

What do you think will help with my smile get lips injection or something. Please let me know and thank you for all you advice doctors. READ MORE

Why does my mouth go to the side when I talk or smile? (photos)

For the past 3 days my bottom lip has been going to the side when i speak, smile, or laugh. What could be the cause of it? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Injectables to Make my Upper Lip Longer?

I have a natural cupids bow and my lip protrudes at the vermilion. I want to get injectables to make my upper lip longer. I would like to have more... READ MORE

Top lip over hangs effecting smile (Photo)

My middle top lip over hangs my bottom lip. when i try to smile it covers my top teeth, i have just recently had my braces removed and i thought it... READ MORE

Mona Lisa Smile Injection?

Recently heard about a procedure called the Mona Lisa Smile Injection. What is it and who would be a candidate for the procedure? READ MORE

Lower mouth lip goes to right when I talk and smile. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hello,I'm Dima, 22. I was born with one lung and my heart was shifted to the right. I live a normal life and take no medication. However ever since I... READ MORE

Is Subnasal Lip Surgery Possible if One Has a Gummy Smile and a Pug Nose?

Hi. Ever since I was a teenager I've wanted a narrower space between my nose and upper lip (only a space reduction, no fillers to the lips). Is it... READ MORE

Is lip augmentation right for me? Will it make my nose look smaller or more narrow? Will it hide my gummy smile? (photos)

I'm 25 spanish female. To start, I have a rather thin upper lip. My upper lip is far from the tip of my nose. I like my regular smile but I have an... READ MORE

Non Surgical Options for Asymmetrical Smile?

I've always had an asymmetrical smile - my right lifts freely to connect with the smile line, whereas my left struggles and a bulge is visible on... READ MORE

What do you suggest for my wonky, uneven mouth? (Photo)

I hate my face when I smile, my nose is quite large and I get crows feet as i have to force a smile as I cannot move the lower left hand side of my... READ MORE

When I Smile, my Facial Expression Look Like I Am Crying. What Can Be Done?

When i smile,my facilal expression look like i am crying. So iam very consious about this and i refuse to smile infront of others. what can i do to... READ MORE

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