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Can lip injections make a nose appear smaller? (Photo)

I'm not ready to go under the knife for a rhinoplasty. Too many risks for me. My nose is bulbous. I was wondering if lip injections could make my nose... READ MORE

How to make my lips smaller naturally without makeup & surgery but medical related product?

By using nails on my lips means by scraching lip skin from my lips with my nails has made my lip bigger. READ MORE

Best treatment for disappearing lips? (photos)

Hello I'm 30 yrs old. I have never smoked. I noticed my top lip has been getting smaller. And the line on one side is disappearing. And two lines have... READ MORE

Will lip fillers make my chin look smaller? (Photo)

I hate my chin, it's huge and it makes my face look really long. I can't afford to pay cash for surgery and my credit won't get approved for financing... READ MORE

My Lip Protrudes and I Want to Know What my Options Are? (photo)

My lip protrudes quite significantly when my mouth is relaxed and this is very annoying. I want to know what options are available to me? I have... READ MORE

Could an Oral Surgeon Remove Extra Tissue on the Inside of my Lip?

It has been there my whole life. It is just a little bump. It makes me look like I havve a "fat lip". When I smile my upper lip covers my... READ MORE

How can I correct my uneven top lip? (photo)

My top lip has always bothered me because of how uneven it is. One side has more of a point to it, and the other side has more of a curve. The side... READ MORE

Lip injections or no? (photo)

I have an appointment next week for some fillers/ Botox here and there. I am wondering if I should also have my lips done. My upper lip is smaller... READ MORE

Swollen bruised lips after augmentation. (photo)

My lips are really bruises and swollen after the lip augmentation and they are really big.. Is this normal.. Ive been applying hot pads on them. I... READ MORE

What can I do to get my lips evened out? (photos)

I have big full lips. I definitely do not want my lips any bigger than they already are. In fact I want them smaller. I have an underbite and big... READ MORE

Can I make my lips smaller after augmentation? (Photo)

I had my lips augmented many years ago, I like them but I was also very very skinny when I did it now I feel like my mouth is too big. I don't... READ MORE

Will be top lip get smaller? It looks way too big compared to my bottom lip (Photo)

I asked for a natural look for lips just a little fuller. She put most of the injection in the top and lip and .25 on each side of my bottom lips. I... READ MORE

My face is very masculine, I would like smaller more feminine features, ie. Rhinoplasty, smaller lips, suggestions? (photos)

Hello what procedures should i get done for my face. I was born a girl but People mistake me for a boy many times. Ever since i was little i knew i... READ MORE

Pointy top lip, top lip much bigger then bottom, lips don't properly close- Over filled? Just swollen? (photos)

Yesterday I received 2 syringes of restylane in both lips, but mainly my top. I know I'm swollen as it's only been 24 hours, but my top lip looks very... READ MORE

How can I get smaller lips without make-up or surgery? (phoots)

Over the years, I've realized that there's always a way to get bigger lips but barely ever a way to get smaller lips. Even when there is a way to get... READ MORE

I have uneven lower lips which I want to make even. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have one quick question, I don't really want to plum up my lips or anything. I just want them to look normal. Here is a picture of my smile. My... READ MORE

Is it possible to just reduce the inner sides of the lip to make it appear smaller and not so wide?

My lips are really big and a bit too wide. I want them to have a more feminine and smaller look. I love the way they look wheno I suckered in the... READ MORE

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