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How Long Until Restylane Bumps on Lip Smooth Out?

Had my upper lip boosted with restylane 3 days ago. I'm happy with the shape and size. However, I can still feel significant bumps on my inner upper... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Risks and Side Effects?

Before I go for it, I want to know what can go wrong with lip augmentation.  What are all of the possible side effects of lip augmentation, and... READ MORE

Permanent Lip Augmentation Complications

What is the most permanent lip augmentation method available that has had the least complications? Which method/s may cause complications? READ MORE

Dry Lips After Juvederm

I had Juvederm done on my lips 5 months ago, and now I have dry patches all over my lip area. It is severe, not just chapped lips! Is this... READ MORE

Lips Uneven and Too Big After Restylane Lips

What can be done for lips that don't look good after Restylane? READ MORE

How Long Would a Hyaluronic Acid Lip Enhancement Last?

How long does it generally last? and is there any dangers or serious side effects to take into consideration before doing this? also do you recommend... READ MORE

Help with Uneven Lip Augmentation

I got juvederm put in my lips to get rid of the smokers lines around my mouth.  the dr decided to make my bottom lip fuller and says it would... READ MORE

Are There Any Negative Side Effects From Lip Enhancement After Having Laser Lip Coloring?

Hello, I would like to know wheather there are any negative interaction/side effects having lip enhancement six month after having laser lip colouring... READ MORE

Can I Have Argiform Lip Filler Removed?

I had a lip augmentation almost two years ago in my upper lip and ever since I have developed granulomas on the lower part of the lip, which are... READ MORE

Does Lip Augmentation Cause Mouth Wrinkles?

I heard getting restylane, collegen, or juvaderm injections to make the lips bigger cause mouth wrinkles after a while? after it goes away? READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Results in Two Days?

I want to have lip augmentation just on my lower lip, but I'm afraid to have problems in the next 2 days because it will be my graduation (I want to... READ MORE

What are the side effects of getting a fascia lip graft? (photos)

A person here on realself said that his/her lips felt tight when he/she smiled and he/she felt that his/her lips were pushing his teeth back. Do your... READ MORE

How much would Lip Augmentation cost? And are there any risks or after-effects that could potentially harm me? (photo)

Hello, I'm a woman interested in lip augmentation. I'm not interested however in the usual syringe injection for fuller lips. I actually want to... READ MORE

How to get those sexy lips ? (Photo)

I want to how to get like lips in picture that I'll upload ? And what kind of procedure need? Who's best candidate? How much cost? Side effect? Thank... READ MORE

Does lip augmentation via injections/fillers (Juvaderm, Botox, etc) cause the upper lip to look longer from nose to cupids bow?

I've been noticing a similar look in a lot of women that get lip augmentations. It looks like the upper lip droops further from the nose (from the... READ MORE

What Lip injections would you recommend? (photos)

I'm new to the "enhancement" world but I'm really interested in lip enhancement- (to begin with);))what would be best recommended to give me a more... READ MORE

What is the success % on lip augmentation using fat transfer?

I talked to my surgeon today and discussed having lip augmentation done. I have a lot of allergies and recently am having side effects from my botox.... READ MORE

What does discoloration of injection site mean? (photos)

Im worried I lost some of my natural lip pigment that lines my lips naturally therefore making my lips look less defined after fillers. Is this type... READ MORE

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