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Do Lip Injections Cause Scar Tissue to Form?

I have been reading a lot of stories about lip fillers and all filler products seem to have some people saying they feel bumps in their lips. Does it... READ MORE

Can I Get a Lip Reduction? (photo)

Hello im 23 years old and my bottom lip has always been big but its just getting bigger and bigger,i always bite it by mistake and there seems to be... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Incision Techniques for Minimal Scarring?

Are there alternative incision points for Latina women (and other women who scar easily) who want lip augmentation surgery? READ MORE

I have added filler to my lips when filling other areas, always seems to end up duckish. Do lip lifts leave a bad scar? (Photo)

Have always wondered why ppl can do lip filler, but when i do it turns Daisy on me. this time we added the botox to turn it up to see if that helps.... READ MORE

What type of lip augmentation is required for a well defined Cupid's Bow lip? (photo)

So I'm really considering plastic surgery for a more a defined Cupid's bow lip like Rihanna's. What do you think? I want my fullness just more... READ MORE

Vermilion border and philtrum scarring caused by abrasion on upper lip; is there any possibility of correcting this? (Photo)

After an accident involving a fall in late june of 2014, my vermilion border and philtrum on the left side of my upper lip have been left permanently... READ MORE

I lost my entire lower lip to SCC cancer and I am trying to recover some normalcy in my face

Three months ago I had what was to the last of the repair of the "defect" where I received some incisions and fat harvesting were placed in the area... READ MORE

Is There Anything To Reduce Scarring After Lip Filler Injections?

I had non permanent lip filler injected in to my top lip over two years ago.As soon as I had it done there was bad bruising on one side so she didn't... READ MORE

How to correct top lip with a lot of scar tissue that rolls inwards when smiling? (long story short) (Photo)

I have a lot of scarring in my top lip (due to previous vy-plasty +reduction) & it rolls inwards when I smile. Before my lip rolled outwards. I had a... READ MORE

Can I get lip augmentation? (Photos)

I was stabbed15 years ago in the face the muscle that goes round the mouth was severed and I had surgery by maxilla facial then further plastic... READ MORE

Lip scarring predictions. Is plastic surgery required for old lip shape to reform? (photos)

During a fight I got hit pretty hard in the lip, resulting it to split. At the ER the doctor put 4 stitches on the lower lip. These photos show the... READ MORE

I have had lumps in my lips since 2013. I went to a 'filler' party. I'm having them removed by a top surgeon in London. Advice?

I had permanent filler put in....wish I hadn't. My question to you Doctor, after the operation to remove the lumps how long would it be before I can... READ MORE

Can the bump on my lip be cured using surgery?

I had a bad fall like around 5 years ago. This fall cause me to bit on my lip, hard - extremely hard. This cause bumps and scars (caused by teeth... READ MORE

Can a filler help my lower lips to look even?

I had an injury to my lip and maybe 4 years ago I saw a facial surgeon and he performed lip surgery which left me still with uneven lip I believe... READ MORE

Seeking information on Microstomia/small mouths. Are MPAs, commissuroplasty or any cosmetic surgery a viable option? (Photo)

I've started to notice the small size of my mouth/lips. I've been comparing it to others and done extensive research, and I can't really find anyone... READ MORE

Is there any other procedure(s) that can be done to achieve a fuller lip AND a shorter philtrum without performing a lip lift?

Hi, I've been considering a bullhorn lip lift for a while now and have done my online research, though I am worried about scarring, and the... READ MORE

My lips are not wide. They are disproportionate to the size of my face. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have read about 'lateral commissuroplasty' and the consequent scarring Can I reduce if not reduce/remove the scars with laser? Would Permalip be a... READ MORE

Do I see a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist licensed for surgery to correct the skin above my lips?

Years ago, due to an infection from a permanent lip filler, some of the tissue on the left side had to be cut out. So that side of my lip droops a bit... READ MORE

Can scarred tissue that will be resected be put in lips to make them fuller?

I have a stretched lip lift scar, it's so daunting for me as when my ear cartilage was harvested it left me with a deformity and so now I'm very... READ MORE

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