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Options to Minimize Distance Between Nose and Mouth?

I don't like the way my mouth makes me look older, the upper lip is very thin and the space between nose and lips is large. Also, the corners drop a... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get Rid of Scars from Permanent Lip Augmentation?

I have a scars around the border of my lips from a permanent lip aug. and my scars feel tight and firm. The scars act as a constant irritant to my... READ MORE

Will Scar on the Lip Affect Lip Augmentation?

I have a little scar on my lip from 3 stitches I received years ago. Will getting a Lip augmentation be a wise decision or will it distort that area? READ MORE

Is Subnasal Lip Surgery Possible if One Has a Gummy Smile and a Pug Nose?

Hi. Ever since I was a teenager I've wanted a narrower space between my nose and upper lip (only a space reduction, no fillers to the lips). Is it... READ MORE

My lips split open sort of deep and like one side of my lip is more repositioned up. What treatment do you recommend? (photos)

I got into a fight exactly a week ago and my lip split open sort of deep and like one side of my lip is more repositioned up. more than the other... READ MORE

Can Bad Scarring After V-Y Lip Augmentation Be Fixed?

I had the V-Y lip augmentation in 2003.This has turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life! 7yrs later & I'm still dealing with tightness... READ MORE

Why did this happen to my lip? (photo)

I have stitches in my lip from having my filler cut out, it was burning when I spoke and the bump wasn't going away even after that dissolver... READ MORE

Can I get injections to fix small dents and depressions caused by cleft lip scars?

I was relatively lucky that although I had a bilateral cleft lip, everything came together quite nicely and I actually have pretty full lips. My... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix the misalignment and reduce these white lip scars or combine them into one lip scar? (photos)

My 2.5 year old daughter split her lip open 6 months ago and even though we had a plastic surgeon stitch her up, the vermilion border is misaligned... READ MORE

If I Have Hypermobility in my Top Lip, Can It Be Repaired? What Will It Cost?

If I Have Hypermobility in my Top Lip, Can It Be Repaired? What is teh average cost in NC? Is the procedure usually an outpatient procedure and will... READ MORE

How Can I Change My Lips Back To Normal? (photos)

Ever since I fell in 6th grade my lip has this dark scar that only shows up in the winter. And goes away during summer. It's very embarrassing people... READ MORE

Which techniques could reduce scar on lip, reduce upper lip and lift the corners of my lips to reduce sagging? (Photo)

Several years ago a doctor cut the muscle of my abbe flap in my upper lip and it caused the upper lip to droop downward and lose form and tightness. I... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for deep lip scars and lines after lip surgery? (photo)

Hello. 6 or 7 years ago i had a surgery on my lips to change their shape. Since the doctor was not a certified plastic surgeon and professional, i... READ MORE

What is this on my lip? (Photo)

Previously i Asked a question about two bumps on my upper top lip. Well one of them disappeared probably the day after i posted it . And I've been... READ MORE

i want/need to get rid of my piercing but am scared or the scar... how do i heal it extreamly quickly?

I loved doing this stupid trick last year with my lip piercing which was pulling it through my lip poking tongue causing scaring and scar tissue but i... READ MORE

Is lip reconstruction possible for me? (photos)

I was bitten my a dog when I was three, I'm 16 now and I hate how my lip drops down on the one side. The one side is also bigger than the other so... READ MORE

What shall I do about my lower lip asymmetry ? (photos)

I received a blow to the jaw 2 weeks ago, my lip was punctured inside, on my right side. It has healed up, leaving a small scar internally, however my... READ MORE

Can my dark uneven permanent lip liner be completely laser off? Can it scar? (Photos)

I just had permanent lip liner done and it is hideous. It's way overdrawn and mishapen and uneven. The red seems very dark. I'm devastated. I would... READ MORE

Following up question, lip filler or surgery? (Photo)

Hello, Updating my question, I have a lump scar on my lips, and just got lip fillers to make my lips symmetrical, should I just get a surgery and take... READ MORE

Can an old scar above my lip be removed and my lip be shaped normally? (Photo)

When I was 5 years old, my brother threw an empty soda can and it cut through above my lip and I later got a scar and distort my lip shape.  READ MORE

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