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Permanent Lip Augmentation Complications

What is the most permanent lip augmentation method available that has had the least complications? Which method/s may cause complications? READ MORE

Is Candylipz suction device safe to use on lips? It is the device that the Jenner girl used to enhance her lips.

I am worried about the suction. It made my friends lips literally 3 times bigger (temporarily) but she only used for 3 days. I am looking into having... READ MORE

How safe are the lip plumper devices that involve suctioning to inflate the lips?

There are a few different lip plumping devices on the market that involve inflating the lips through suctioning (lip plumping shop, candylipz,... READ MORE

New Silicone for Lip Augmentation?

I have heard all the scary stories about silicone, but I have been told by a doctor that there is a new silicone and that it is very safe and... READ MORE

Is ADATOSIL Safe? Permanent Silicone Lip Injections

A friend had adatsil (forgive me about the spelling, not sure) she had this done a few years ago and it still looks great, doc in Beverly Hills told... READ MORE

Do CandyLipz or other lip pumps work? Are they safe? (photos)

Lip plumping pumps are tempting as an inexpensive, temporary way to get fuller lips, ala Kylie Jenner. Do they really work and are they safe? READ MORE

MRI Scan After Lip Augmentation

I'm Having Lips Done A.m but Have MRI Scan on Neck Due P.m Will It Cause Problems? READ MORE

When is it safe to start using lip plumping/suction devices after rhinoplasty?

Since the upper lip when sucked tends to be pulled thus pulling the nostrils down. Thank you :) READ MORE

Who should I go to for lip injections?

Hello! I have been on yelp for hours now looking for a good lip injector. I have come across a couple people (with good reviews) who specialize in lip... READ MORE

Is Galderma and Allergan safe to use for enhancing the lips?

I want to enhance my lips naturally and I am thinking of going to the private clinic in Harley street and wanted to know if this is safe to use in my lips READ MORE

Medical grade silicone microdroplet injection on the lips. Any suggestions?

Dear dr is the pure medical grade silicon oil safe to use on the lips and nasolabial folds under what is called the microdrolet technique invented by... READ MORE

Stitches in lips ok to get lip injection?

I have stitches on my bottom lip in the center. I got them when I was a kid, got a accident. I was wondering if this will affect in any way by getting... READ MORE

What kind of lip augmentation would be right for me? What goes into getting my lips done? (Photos)

I have always felt like my lips are too small for my face and I wish they were fuller. I've been looking around google trying to find options as well... READ MORE

Is there a safe way to get rid of biopolymer without surgery, using only some kinds of injections and medical equipment? (Photo)

There is a popular beautician, who claims that she can remove polymere out of anyone's lips, without surgery. I know some of her patients and they... READ MORE

Permalip and lip filler together?

If i do permalip and i still want to get filler now and then, will it be safe or will it ruin the implant? how many months after implant surgery do i... READ MORE

Will there be a new lip filler on the market anytime soon that is long lasting?

Hello, i have a question about lip augmentation. Will there be a new lipfiller on the market anytime soon? One that will last longer and is also safe?... READ MORE

Is there a safe way to create a deep cupid's bow? How much would it cost and where could I have it done? (Photo)

I am very fascinated with Rihanna lips and want to go for that look. I have rather small lips and it is like an oval shape. I've been insecure about... READ MORE

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