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Lip Augmentation Risks and Side Effects?

Before I go for it, I want to know what can go wrong with lip augmentation.  What are all of the possible side effects of lip augmentation, and... READ MORE

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe for Lip Injections?

Im looking to get a safe lip enhancement done (injections.) Ive done some research and found hyaluronic acid. Would you recommend anything safer and... READ MORE

How Long Would a Hyaluronic Acid Lip Enhancement Last?

How long does it generally last? and is there any dangers or serious side effects to take into consideration before doing this? also do you recommend... READ MORE

Lip Injection Cause Cancer?

What is the long term effects of repeated juvederm or filler injections? Can you get lip cancer? READ MORE

I Work in The Heat but Not in the Sun, Monday Received Injection, OK To Go Back To Work Wednesday?

If i work in th heat and have the injection around my lips on monday about 4 pm, will i be ok to go back to work on wednesday and is there anything i... READ MORE

Can Restylane Lip Injections Cause the Corner Lip Muscles to Atrophy over Time?

I have been getting lip injections with Restylane for three years. The corners of my mouth are thin and I resemble the Joker when I smile. Have the... READ MORE

Is the V/y Lip Enlargement a Good Solution when Wanting a "Wider" Upper Lip.

I would like a wider upper lip and have tried fat injections and temporary fillers which I have not been satisfied with in the long term, and fat... READ MORE

Am I at high risk of developing trout pout or duck lips with lip fillers? (Photo)

My lips aren't thin, but I'd like fuller and poutier lips like Adriana Lima's. Does my lip shape/lip size/jaw structure etc, put me at high risk of... READ MORE

How much would Lip Augmentation cost? And are there any risks or after-effects that could potentially harm me? (photo)

Hello, I'm a woman interested in lip augmentation. I'm not interested however in the usual syringe injection for fuller lips. I actually want to... READ MORE

How can I correct my lips? (photos)

I have huge hanging lips which makes my face look really bad...and it remains okay when I pull it in but when i relax it droops and can i... READ MORE

What is the name of the surgery/incision made to have a line on my bottom lip like Angelina Jolie?

Are there any risks, or complications with this surgery? Is it permanent? Also, are there any drs who perform this often? READ MORE

Lips are small and the corners tend to look droopy, am I suitable for lip injections? Would it look odd? (photos)

Alright so I've been thinking of lip injections. My lips are small, but I also have an overall small mouth in general, also the corners of my mouth... READ MORE

Lip fillers or implants? Keeping the shape/infection risks w/implants?

I have tiny lips but they are perfectly shaped like rosebuds w/ a defined cupid's bow & curled philtrum. I want them MUCH bigger. I wanted to know... READ MORE

What kind of surgeon performs removal of excess mucosa from the upper lip? (Photo)

I have been told to go to a facial plastic surgeon and then have been told to go to an oral surgeon Which actually performs this procedure? Is it a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Philtrum Reduction? (photos)

Hi there, I would like to reduce my philtrum a little bit to give my upper lip a nicer appearance. I am just wondering what the possible risks are... READ MORE

What is my best option to fix asymmetrical lips due to trauma? (photos)

I fell and bit through my lower lip 9 mos. ago, requiring stitches outside and inside. Unfortunately, my lip is now asymmetrical, especially when I... READ MORE

Candidate For Lip Reduction with Braces on?

Hi, I've got braces on at the moment and would like to do lip reduction(both upper and lower). Is it possible? I'm very worried that the... READ MORE

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