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Lip Augmentation, Botox, Lip Plump - If I Were to Get This Procedure Done, Will I Need to Get It Done Again?

If I were to get this procedure done, will I need to get it done again in the future? How long do the results for this procedure last for? READ MORE

Micro-Cannulas for Lip Enhancement. Do They Produce Better Results?

Hello, I would like to gain some insight into the use of micro-cannulas for lip injection fillers. There seems to be a lot mixed reviews. A few... READ MORE

Do Lip Injections Cause Scar Tissue to Form?

I have been reading a lot of stories about lip fillers and all filler products seem to have some people saying they feel bumps in their lips. Does it... READ MORE

Can You Give Me Lips Like This?

I really want lips like this.  Please tell me how you can do this. READ MORE

I have large Permalip implant in both lips. I want permanent results. Do you recommend something different? (photos)

I have large Permalip implant in both lips but still small what procedure can I add that is perm? V y plasty ? Do u recommend something different?... READ MORE

Fat graft for lip augmentation? (photo)

Is this procedure temporary or are the results more permanent? I have always wanted full lips. Would you suggest a fat graft or a temporary filler? READ MORE

Would I benefit from lip augmentation? Would a natural result be realistic? (photos)

Hi, I have been interested in lip augmentation for close to 7 years. My lips are decent sized but lack the volume I have always desired, especially... READ MORE

Within normal results post Limelight / IPL? (Photo)

I am Korean, tan well and can get really dark. Had patch test done for cutera limelight on chest to treat PIH spots. Immediating post test, things... READ MORE

If we could get lips like the last picture from the first picture by getting fat grafting towards the lips? (photo)

My lips are about the size as the first picture towards the right but, wanting to get them as big as the last picture towards the left using the fat... READ MORE

Can I pick my lips with lip injections?

I want to get lip injections, however, I have an issue with lip picking. Could lip picking affect my results? TIA! READ MORE

Improve and uneven smile line?

I have an uneven smile line. My right upper lip raises more superiorly than my left lip. When I smile the right side of my face almost appears as a... READ MORE

If I inject Hyaluronic acid serum or pure Hyaluronic acid to my lips, will I see a result?

If I inject Hyaluronic acid serum or pure hyaluronic my lips will they look bigger.? READ MORE

Is 2 1/2 CC of fat transfer to lips enough for me to achieve the results I want? (photos)

Is 2 1/2 cc;s of Fat a good amount for me to achieve the results I want ? Or what would you recommend? I have already had fillers I want something... READ MORE

Is it possible at all to achieve these results?

I have had people tell me i have similar lips, but they're not the same up top. Can i achieve this with just fillers (the philtrum definition and the... READ MORE

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