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Lips Are Too Big After Restylane - Can I Get Hyaluronidase?

I had restylane injections in my top and bottom lips two days ago. I look like a duck! I have heard of Hyaluronidase, does is really work and are... READ MORE

Can I Have Silicone Removed from my Lips?

I had silicone oil injected into my lips 4 years ago and I would like to find a doctor who is skilled in the removal of this product. It was done... READ MORE

How can I get rid/remove of the fat under my lower lip? (photos)

I have never met a person with lips like mine. The fat/bump under my lower lip seems to be attached with my lip. I am very self conscious about it, is... READ MORE

Want to Removal Lip Filler. What Are My Options?

5 years ago I had my lips injected with some gel. The dr told me the it will disappear in 3 years, but its still here. Honestly, I have no problems... READ MORE

Born With a Bump On My Lip, What Are Options To Remove It? (photo)

I was born with a bump on my lip. It really wasnt a big deal growing up but now as an adult I'm experimenting with fashion and makeup and it gets... READ MORE

Is it possible to treat a freckle on the lips? (photo)

This freckle appeared after a painful pinch was done to my lips a day later when I was younger. In other words, it's not a mole or anything cancerous.... READ MORE

Please Help Had a Lip Filler and I Want It out As Soon As Possible? (photo)

I had a lip filler today and its so ugly and its not even its not just it looks big cuz its new ... When i smile its not even and its ugly ...I just... READ MORE

Can Gore-tex Be Removed from Lips?

I had gortex put in my lips several years ago and it has since searated and is bumpy. Is there an 'easy' way to have it removed and if so, how... READ MORE

Looking for a Doctor in NYC to Remove Silicone from my Lips. Advice?

I don't know exactly what I have in my lips, but suspect its silicone, because it stays for the past 6 years. I really want it removed. At least from... READ MORE

Is It True Ulthera Can Help Reduce Scar Tissue in Bad Permanent Lip Augmentation?

I had a pemanent lip augmentation done using my own tissue for augmentation. My lips don't look bad but I do have alot of scar tissue I can feel... READ MORE

How can I remove 23-year-old silicone in upper lip?

I had silicone injections in my upper lip 23 years ago. It is in the center of the lip not on the upper line. How can i remove it? READ MORE

Please Help I Had a Lip Filler and I Want It out As Soon As Possible?

I had a lip filler yesterday but its so ugly so big its not even in some places ,, i just want it out right now should i wait or its safer if i take... READ MORE

What can be done to remove nodules caused by silicone injections in the lips? (photos)

A few years ago my Daughter received silicone injections in her lips. Two large bumps developed. One doctor tried injecting the nodules with steroids,... READ MORE

I have had my permalip implants for 6 years and now I would like to remove them. What are the complications?

I have had my permalip implants for 6 years and now I would like to remove them. What are the complications? Will it heal fast? Can my lips become... READ MORE

Two options to get pouty lips. Lip lifts or removal of silicone implant to get silicone lip injections? Which should I do?

I want big pouty lips. I currently have a 5mm permalip implant in my upper lip. My lip still looks so thin. I was thinking about removing the implant,... READ MORE

I did a lips filling yesterday but my upper lip look like duck dace and the buffness starts just after the nose (photos)

Is it normal to look like duck face and how much tune it needs to look normal and can I remove the filling if I didnt like the results READ MORE

Permalip lip removal? What will they look like and what is the pain like?

Had them out in 8 months ago, smile is altered, tight and cannot open mouth very wide . What will they look like if I have them removed & what is the... READ MORE

I have a brown spot on lip that I like to remove. Any suggestions? (photos)

I don't have enough money to get laser treatment and stuff so I'm looking for a simple method that can make it invisible or completely remove it in... READ MORE

Will Permalip implant ever have to be removed in the long term? What will happen as I age? Is it weighing down my lip? (photo)

5mm perma lip implant upper lip only. I am happy with the result. However I saw that one doctor answered a question and stated that he is against lip... READ MORE

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